70621 The Vermillion Attack Review!

A 2017 LEGO set based on the Hands of Time Ninjago season, this set retails for $9.99 in the US, £9.99 in the UK, and $19.99 in New Zealand. It also comes with three minifigures: Kai, Rivett, and Slackjaw.

They are all fantastically detailed, especially Rivett (the last one). I love his armor. In Hands of Time, the Vermillion are snakes which entwine within each other to form humanoid warriors, and that is captured here with snake detailing on the torso, head, and legs. The only problem with these figures is that Kai lacks his ninja headgear.

Now on to the build.

It is basically a tree with a Vermillion egg on top. When the egg is broken in the TV show, the Vermillion slither out and form their humanoid warriors. The tree stump also has the Forward Time blade attached to a chainsaw.

A knob on the back, when turned, shoots off the top of the Vermillion egg, revealing the Vermillion inside. Kai had better watch out…


See the function in action here:

I feel this set provides great value for money, as it has 3 minifigures, all of which are very detailed. In addition, the tree stump looks good and has a fun play feature.

You can afford to miss this if you collect larger Ninjago sets, but if you want a great Ninjago “starter set”, this is it. It can also connect to Dawn of Iron Doom, though, so that may be another reason to get it.

Minifigures: 4.5/5
Build: 3/5
Playability: 3/5
Price: 3.5/5
Personal Rating: 3.5/5
TOTAL: 3.5/5

Thanks for reading this review! I’ll see you next time! 🙂


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