Is the Empire in Star Wars truly evil?

In Star Wars, the rebels are good; the Imperials are bad. Simple as that!

But is that truly the case, or should you dig a little deeper? Don’t forget that “history is written by the victors”, and the victors were clearly the rebels.

Of course, given how they are portrayed in the movies (wearing dark clothes and have a maniacal cackling Emperor), it is clear the Empire is meant to be bad.

But upon closer study, it seems that that might not necessarily be the case. Why do I say so? Well, take a closer look.

1. The Rebels are, basically, terrorists.

What do you call a group of rebellious people who go around stealing weapons, blowing up bases, and killing soldiers? Why, of course, terrorists! Oh wait, no, it’s the Rebels from Star Wars.

maxresdefaultImage result for star wars death star blown up

That’s right, the Rebels blew up not one, but two space stations, killing millions of innocent stormtroopers in the process. Do the lives of the stormtroopers merely doing sanitation work on the Death Stars not matter at all?

Image result for stormtrooper lives matter

“But wait”, you say, “the Imperials also blew up many planets with the Death Star as well!”

Image result for jedha blow up

Image result for scarif destruction

Image result for alderaan blow up

And almost Yavin 4…

Image result for yavin 4 blow up

Isn’t that bad as well?

But if you think about it, the Rebels made the first move. They chose to rebel against the Empire and blow up stuff. The Empire’s destruction of the planets was justified. Stormtrooper janitors on the Death Star didn’t go around blowing up Rebel bases. Rebels on Jedha and other planets, however, did blow up Imperial places. As for Scarif, the Rebels had top-secret plans and there really was no more need for the planet (since the Death Star was already finished). Hence, Tarkin ordered its destruction.

2. The Rebels had no plan

Under Imperial rule, life wasn’t easy, but there were laws set in place. It had order.

What plan did the Rebels have?

It’s easy to complain about the Empire and go around blowing their stuff up, but when you yourself have to figure out a system that works for the entire galaxy… not so easy.

Plus, after the Rebels blew up the second Death Star, there was nothing but a failing Republic and a power void — which led to the First Order taking control.

3. Many more reasons

This article is a good read on why the Empire may not actually be evil.

Thanks for reading this blog post! I apologize for the temporary break in posts! See you in the next post!

VaderFan2187 out! 🙂


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