LEGO Star Wars 75160-75163 All 2017 Winter Microfighters Review

The Microfighters have been a subtheme of LEGO Star Wars since 2014. Some like them, some do not. At $9.99 USD, 9.99 Euros, and $17.99 in New Zealand, they are only slightly cheaper than the Battle Packs (barring the recent price increase, although it did not affect New Zealand). Today I take a look at all the 2017 Winter Microfighters, which is basically the entire Rogue One Microfighter range (so far). How well do they stack up against one another? I’ll put the scores at the end of the whole review.

75160 U-wing

A very attractive box for 75160 U-wing Microfighter, with Scarif scenery on the back and an explosion, plus the shiny “Microfighters” label. 109 pieces, the highest ever piece count, provides good value for $9.99 USD, especially since its piece count is higher than that of some battle packs!

Let’s start off with what is arguably the star of the set, the U-wing pilot with a new moulded helmet.
Image result for lego 75160 pilot Image result for lego 75160 pilot

He has great printed detailing all over his torso and legs, he’s armed with a blaster pistol, and I think that new helmet mould is fantastic. How often do we get new moulds in Microfighters? He’s actually based on a actual Rogue One pilot seen in the background:
He reuses the Captain America: Civil War Captain America head, but since the visor is not printed on his head, you can swap it for any head you wish. Awesome, isn’t it?

Oh yes, I’m forgetting the U-wing Microfighter build itself!
What you get in the set

It’s rather large for a Microfighter, so unfortunately it is not as detailed as some of the other smaller Microfighters. But there is a play feature, even at this size!
Entering “rectracted wings” mode…

The wings fold back!
Wings in fully retracted mode

It folds back very far, just like the real ship in Rogue One! As well as the full size LEGO U-wing Starfighter…
The full-size LEGO U-wing

And just like the nose guns seen on the full size LEGO version (and the in-universe one), LEGO put two stud shooters in. However, they’re too bulky in comparison and I’m not a fan; though it has to be noted LEGO always puts either flick-fire missiles or stud shooter(s) in their Microfighters, and there probably wasn’t any other place to put it on the ship.
Also note how the lower viewport has been preserved for the microfighter version as well.
The engines in the back would look alright by themselves, and they do (considering the few parts used), but they just look microscale, when the whole ship itself is chibi. Thus, the engines end up looking out of place on the ship.

Still, this microfighter is a good set, solely because of the fabulous minifigure included.

Next up is the Imperial opponent to the U-wing set… 75161 TIE Striker! Personally I’d pair up the U-wing and Krennic’s Shuttle as well as the TIE Striker with the Y-wing, but I’m going by LEGO’s numbering, so whatever.
Another attractive box, with more Scarif and more explosions. 88 pieces for $9.99 USD… not so good value, but let’s see how well the set itself performs.

Let’s start with the minifigure.
This TIE Striker pilot only appears in two sets: This set and the full-size TIE Striker set. He has nice printed detailing all over his torso, helmet, and legs, but unfortunately LEGO is still using the Angry Clone head for him. I liked the head when it first came out (in 2013 I think?) but its overuse really bugs me. He is armed with a blaster pistol.
The TIE Striker is a very chibi version of the in-universe ship. It is armed with two stud shooters to represent the cannons present on the real ship, and its wings are clipped on, so they can be hinged up and down (just like in the full-size LEGO set).
The TIE Striker minifigure sits in nicely. You can shoot off the 1×1 round plates from the stud shooters. The cockpit of a full-size LEGO Jedi Interceptor is used as the TIE’s cockpit.

Image result for lego tie striker
The full-size LEGO TIE Striker

When compared to the full-size LEGO version, you can tell its proportions are way off.

All in all, I think this isn’t a bad set, but it isn’t too good either. The build, whilst recognizable, looks overly chibi, especially given the stubby wings. In addition to this, unlike the U-wing microfighter, the minifigure included isn’t too impressive. If you like TIEs you should probably buy this, but otherwise I think other microfighters are better.

Now we have another Rebel ship, a ship not only limited to Rogue One, it is 75162 Y-wing!!
Getting chased by TIEs is no fun.

Apparently we are not on Scarif anymore, rather, we are in space! The Y-wing is depicted as being chased by TIEs, and while I personally prefer the Scarif background, this one looks good as well.
He has a double-sided head; one side is a cheesy smile and the other side has a worried face. It was originally used for Dak Raltar in 2014 but has been used on almost every rebel pilot since then (even Wedge Antilles) and I am honestly rather sick of it. Due to its special helmet printing, it is exclusive to this set.

The build itself is very good in my opinion. It might be my favorite microfighter build in this winter wave. A chibi version of the Y-wing maintains all its iconic features, but does not look as bad as the TIE Striker.
The engine nacelles, present on the in-universe and full-size LEGO versions, have been preserved here. Comparison with full-size LEGO version:

Image result for lego y-wing 2017
The full size LEGO Y-wing

The use of telescope pieces on the microfighter version is ingenious and works well. I cannot think of a better way to represent the lines without compromising the overall look.

Flick-fire missiles are included as well, which I prefer to stud shooters. They may not pack as much of a punch as stud shooters, but it’s far easier to find the missiles as opposed to the 1×1 round plates.
I like this set. Neither the build or the minifigure reach the highest level of awesomeness, but they are good and work well for what they’re supposed to be, and for that, it’s definitely a good set.

Lastly, we arrive at one of my favorite Rogue One ships, 75163 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle!
I like the ship that this was based off, so let’s see how well the details of the original are preserved in this microfighter version of Director Krennic’s sleek black shuttle.

Image result for krennic's shuttle
The full-size LEGO Krennic’s Shuttle

The overall details, like the triangular shape of the body and the three wings have been preserved, but the look of the microfighter is undoubtedly a little more “chibi”. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start off by taking a look at the minifigure included!
Apparently Krennic doesn’t fly his own shuttle.

He looks familiar, doesn’t he? Well, perhaps because the 2014 Star Destroyer microfighter came with a very similar minifigure…
What we got in 2014…

Not too different, eh? He’s an okay figure I guess, but I think a more significant update would be more welcome. Some have questioned why Krennic wasn’t included in the set (it’s his shuttle after all, and he flies the full-size LEGO one), but I think there are two main reasons why: 1) Krennic doesn’t fly his own shuttle in the movie; 2) LEGO rarely puts named characters in microfighters. Granted, we did get Han in the Millennium Falcon and Hera in the Ghost, but they are extremely iconic to those ships and they themselves fly it in the movies/TV series. I think the second reason was the main reason why LEGO chose a generic Imperial over Krennic, but the 1st one is likely as well.
On to the shuttle itself…

Personally, I don’t really like this Microfighter Krennic’s Shuttle. Those black pieces for the cannons are nice, but the light grey doesn’t match the black. In addition, the top fin is way too tiny and the body is far too huge. I think they could’ve made the body smaller and the fin larger. In addition, the top fin is attached via a click hinge, so it wobbles a little. The ship is armed with two stud shooters. I also don’t like how high up the Imperial sits on the shuttle.

But there’s another play feature…
Entering landing mode…

…the wings fold up!
Reminiscent of the U-wing’s play feature, isn’t it?

However, in landing mode, the shuttle doesn’t look great either. The size of the ship’s body really shows, and the undersides of the 2×4 dark grey plates… isn’t really attractive.

What you get in the set

Overall, I think this ship tries to be the U-wing, but instead fails in its execution. The folding wing play feature reminds me of the U-wing’s wing-folding play feature, but doesn’t look half as good as the U-wing.

Final thoughts:

This wave is not too bad a wave. Some sets are good, some are bad. Amongst these Rogue One sets, I feel the Rebel microfighters perform better than the Imperial ones.

Time to score the sets!

MINIFIGURES: U-wing: 5/5; TIE Striker: 3.5/5; Y-wing: 4/5, Krennic’s Shuttle: 2.5/5

BUILDS: U-wing: 3.5/5; TIE Striker: 2.5/5; Y-wing: 4/5, Krennic’s Shuttle: 2.5/5

PLAYABILITY: U-wing: 4/5; TIE Striker: 4/5; Y-wing: 3/5; Krennic’s Shuttle: 4/5

VALUE: U-wing: 4.5/5; TIE Striker: 3.5/5; Y-wing: 3.5/5; Krennic’s Shuttle: 3/5

PERSONAL RATING: U-wing: 4/5; TIE Striker: 3/5; Y-wing: 4/5; Krennic’s Shuttle: 2.5/5

TOTAL: U-wing: 4.2/5; TIE Striker: 3.3/5; Y-wing: 3.7/5; Krennic’s Shuttle: 2.9/5

Personally, I think my favorite microfighter of this series is the Y-wing. U-wing is a close second. I… don’t really like the Imperial microfighters.

Check out AustrianLegoFan’s speed builds of the microfighters here:

But what do YOU think? Do you agree/disagree with any of my points? Which microfighter do you like? Let me know in a comment below!

Thanks for reading this, see you in the next post! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 🙂


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