71017-7 Commissioner Gordon CMF Review!

71017-7 Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon is a rather significant character in the Batman lore. His LEGO Batman Movie minifigure only appears as a Collectable Minifigure and in the Scuttler set. If you don’t want to buy the Scuttler but want a Commissioner Gordon minifigure, is this CMF a good buy?71017-6
If you didn’t know, Commissioner Gordon is the father of Batgirl (aka Barbara Gordon), and thus their LEGO Batman Movie characters have the same skin tone.

His hairpiece is new and only appears elsewhere in, you guessed it, the Scuttler. His head has a different expression from the Scuttler variant, and is thus exclusive.

^Both images are not mine. The minifigure on the left is from the Scuttler, the one on the right is the CMF.

He also comes with a cool 2×2 printed tile that is a “Wanted” poster for the Joker. His other accessory is a walkie-talkie.

Overall, I’m a big fan of this figure, because it’s a far more affordable way to get a Commissioner Gordon minifigure. In addition, this minifigure isn’t a strange variant of the figure (unlike the Arkham Joker or the Nurse Harley Quinn), but rather a normal-looking minifigure that would not look out of place in a LEGO Batman Movie display. He also has nice printing all over. Because of this, I rate the Commissioner Gordon minifigure a 5/5.

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  1. This is a pretty neat figure and am glad it is so easy to obtain a normal looking figure of a fairly important character! I ended up fluking this minifigure after a hard day’s work of feeling for minifigures and not getting very far.

    Anyway, good review, keep it up!

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