71017-12 Eraser CMF Review!

First things first, sorry about the lack of posts in the past couple of days!

71017-12 Eraser CMF

This guy was the first LEGO Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures I got, so I’ll review him first. I will also try to review some of the other LEGO Batman Movie CMFs.

At $3.99 USD, £2.99 in the UK, and $5.99 in New Zealand, is Eraser worth picking up?

His body is printed all over with stripes, making him look like a pencil. Unfortunately the printing on the legs stops prematurely due to the constraints on LEGO’s printing abilities. His head is a brand new mould and depicts the top of a pencil with a pink 1×1 round tile.

Hopefully we will see this element appear in other sets soon, such as IG-88 from the Star Wars theme.

He comes with a 2×2 white printed tile that looks like a notepad, with “To ERASE!”

It’s a nice piece alright, but I wished he came with another accessory, possibly a minifigure-scale pencil or an eraser.

Overall, I rate this minifigure a 3/5. He’s very nicely detailed all over, but is a very minor character. Eraser is probably one of the better “background characters” amongst the LEGO Batman Movie, but there are other main characters in the series who are more deserving of your money.

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VaderFan2187 out! 🙂


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