71017-15 Zodiac Master CMF Review!

71017-15 Zodiac Master

“Hey, do you like Zodiac Master?”
In all seriousness though, Zodiac Master is probably one of the most obscure villains included in the LEGO Batman Movie CMF series. If not for the LEGO Batman Movie, we’d probably never have a LEGO version of him. At the price of $3.99 USD, £2.99, and $5.99 in New Zealand, will he be able to successfully predict whether or not you will buy him?71017-20
Firstly, here’s a description of the villain from the Batman wiki:

The Zodiac Master is a masked supervillain who made his presence known in Gotham City by accurately predicting a series of disasters, all of which he secretly orchestrated. Having duped most of the city, he then offered his services as an underworld consultant, using his supposed astrological skills to foretell the outcome of various proposed crimes.


And that’s why he has all of the Zodiac symbols on him! Having seen the above picture, I must say that the LEGO Batman Movie version seems rather faithful to its comic counterpart.

His minifigure comes with a silver crab and a silver fish. They’re nice, but look a little strange when held by him.

His torso has zodiac symbols all over, even on the sides of his arms and legs!

Overall, I think this minifigure is a nice one, but given how crazily obscure the source material is, I feel other minifigures in the series are better value. Because of that, I rate this minifigure a 2/5.

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VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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