71017-9 Dick Grayson CMF Review!

71017-9 Dick Grayson

Another version of Dick Grayson appears in the Scuttler, but not everyone wants that set, so is there a more affordable way to get him? Yes, in the LEGO Batman Movie CMF series! At $3.99 USD, £2.99, and $5.99 in New Zealand, is he a worthy buy?
Dick still retains the googly eyes that the LEGO Batman Movie version of him has. He looks suitably immature, and comes with a shark repellent piece. Notably, his hairpiece/eyes only come in one other set: the Scuttler. This is because the regular Robin minifigure has green tinted goggles.

Dick Grayson wears a red sweater and blue jeans. The jeans are versatile and can be used for many minifigures, and the sweater can be used for…

Related image

Haha. But you gotta agree it is rather similar.

Dick’s shark repellent is a reference to the 1960s Batman TV series. It’s a cute little reference.

Overall, I like this minifigure. His parts are versatile and he is a cheap way to get an alternate version of a main character. Because of this, I rate him a 4/5.

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4 thoughts on “71017-9 Dick Grayson CMF Review!

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  1. I picked this figure up just over a week ago after spending three sessions feeling for that yellow piece. This is one of my favourite minifigures and am glad it is so easy to obtain a good looking variant of the character.

    Good little review, keep it up!


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