LEGO’s Avengers: Infinity War Milano leaked!

A picture has just been leaked of the upcoming LEGO Milano for Infinity War! Check it out!

Mini Milano
New Milano!!!

OK, yes, I’m just joking. It’s just a color-swapped and modified Ravager ship that came in the Ravager Attack set. Sorry for the clickbait 😛

However, if current downsizing in LEGO Superhero ships are to be believed, what we get for Infinity War may be something like this! I really hope not, but check out the “shrinking ships syndrome” in these pictures below:

Evolution of Quinjets & Milanos 2
Even the Quinjets have fallen victim to it…

Evolution of Quinjets & Milanos
Do you like the smaller, more affordable LEGO Superhero ships (as seen with this year’s Milano)? Or do you prefer the more expensive, but more detailed and larger superhero ships? Let me know in a comment below! 🙂

Thanks for reading this! Again, sorry for the clickbait! I’ll see you in the next post (which will not be clickbait)! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


One thought on “LEGO’s Avengers: Infinity War Milano leaked!

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  1. Ah. Clickbait. Very catchy title I must admit.
    Your Milano MOC looks really good and is pretty similar to my own mini Milano (still trying to find time to upload the pics to eurobricks). I prefer the larger sets as they offer more detail and interior space, making it easier in my opinion to MOD the sets.

    Anyway, good build and topic!

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