70900 The Joker’s Balloon Escape Review!

Let’s take a break from the LEGO Batman Movie CMF reviews and check out the smallest of the LEGO Batman Movie wave.

Save the city… or catch your greatest enemy!

The Joker’s Balloon Escape. £11.99 in the UK. $14.99 in the US, $24.99 in New Zealand. It comes with the main hero and the main villain, the Joker and Batman. How good is this set?

Firstly, let’s check out what most people will buy this set for: the minifigures.

https://i1.wp.com/images.brickset.com/sets/AdditionalImages/70900-1/70900_alt7.jpg https://i2.wp.com/images.brickset.com/sets/AdditionalImages/70900-1/70900_alt8.jpg
Joker is unarmed in the set. He is almost the same minifigure as the one included in the Scuttler, but that one has the head from the Joker’s Notorious Lowrider set. Thus, this figure is exclusive. I adore his green hairpiece, as it is highly detailed. His torso has nice printing and there is some detailing on the legs. There is no printing on the back of the torso, but he has long purple coattails. There is a problem with these: they are made of the old cloth material, and thus tend to stay straight, which means Joker cannot stand up without being attached to studs.


Batman is… your regular Batman. This version comes in three other sets and thus isn’t too interesting. He has a nice soft cape and a yellow utility belt. His accessory is a grappling gun, which can have the grappling hook attached in or be attached to a string to simulate a grappling hook on a string being shot out of his gun. Unfortunately the string is a little short, and I would have liked a Batarang as well.

Despite their shortcomings, I am very happy with the character selection here. Unlike what is often done in LEGO Star Wars, LEGO has chosen to put the two main characters in the cheapest set in the lineup, which is great for kids (and adults on a lower budget like me). In addition, if you buy Catwoman Catcycle Chase too, you will have pretty much completed the essential roster for the LEGO Batman Movie for just $35 USD, £32, or $65 NZD.

Now let’s go on to the builds!

What you get in the box

The builds are divided into two parts: the Gotham Energy facility portion and the Joker’s Balloon jetpack. These are rather simple builds, as I was able to build them solely through looking at the box art.

You build the Joker’s Balloon jetpack first, and this is probably the better build of the two (though I built it later as it is slightly more complex).

And I always get away!

The Joker clips on to his balloon jetpack by attaching his hands to two black paint roller pieces and a clear neck bracket. He is very secure when connected.
Three of the balloons are attached to 4L white bars, while two others are attached to 6L ski poles, creating a welcome variation in the height of the balloons. Also, those on 4L bars can hav their height adjusted quite a bit. The engines consist of flames attached to ray gun pieces , and when the balloon jetpack is placed on a flat surface, the gray 2×2 radar dish at the bottom, the Joker’s legs, and the flame pieces all help to ensure the jetpack is stable. Do keep in mind that if placed flat down, te Joker’s coattails will fold and may crease over time, which is why I prefer using a translucent stand.

Gotham Energy Facility build

The second build is the Gotham Energy Facility build. It’s rather small but it’s nice and colorful. There is Joker’s bomb clipped on to a yellow railing. One noteworthy part about the bomb is that there is an analogue alarm clock in the set, while it is a digital timer in the movie scene. There are two dynamite pieces clipped on. These are made of a slightly more rubbery material than usual but if they were made of hard plastic I fear the fuse portion may break. 2 of the new macaroni pieces are also available here in red.

4538780 6176298 6167483  6134378 61674926167491

This was the first time I got a LEGO dynamite piece, so it’s nice to get two of them in a small set. The macaroni pieces are quite new too, and the green 2×2 round tile with hole appears in 1 other set at the time of writing. The grey ingot piece is a nice recolor and the blue balloon parts are currently exclusive.

There is a play feature as well.

By pressing on the yellow lever, the white fuel tank “explodes” into two pieces. It’s nothing much, but moving parts like these aren’t too common in small sets, so it’s welcome. You can see the back of the bomb and the computer here as well.

Overall, I think this a great set with good value. It’s awesome to be able to get the two main characters in such a cheap set. In addition, the builds aren’t bad either, and depict what looks to be a rather major scene in the movie (if the trailers are reliable). Unless you are buying more expensive LEGO Batman Movie sets that have these characters, this set is a solid must buy.

Minifigures: 4.5/5
Builds: 3.5/5
Playability: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

TOTAL: 4/5

Get this set!! Thanks for reading this review, do leave a like and/or a comment! I’ll see you in the next post 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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