71017-16 Catman CMF Review!


Catman is another of the obscure LEGO Batman Movie CMF Villains. He looks like a mashup of Wolverine and Batman.

Is this minifigure terrible, mediocre, or purrrrrfect? (Sorry I just had to :P)

I think this figure is rather nice. He has a nice exclusive brown Batman cowl (the newer style). His head is new and exclusive, and looks pretty cool. His dual-moulded legs and brown Batman belt are likely to be useful for custom minifigures.

54f5bb500231a931cca7bf02e79ab494384e8e63d9be553e6c8e07a2b817fb97  a1fbfc343b6093a463cd4e5194ae6cc4 0077699f77e30dc4e26154a40cb8c607
The whole minifigure itself looks good too. He is armed with two Wolverine-style claws.

(not my image, from Bricklink)

I’m sure that with swapping the heads and slight modifications, this could probably be turned into another Batsuit variant. I think he’s one of the better obscure villains in this CMF series. Thus, I rate him a 3/5.

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VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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