Hi-Res images of the LEGO Batman Movie Summer sets!

You guessed it, they are from the Dutch website sinqel where I got the Star Wars images from.

Check the new images out!

Scarecrow Fearful Face-off
I still don’t know how that small Energy Facility build connects to the rest of the Gotham Energy Facility
Bane Toxic Truck Attack. This picture confirms the set has suspension!!
Bane looks awesome the the builds are nice, but at the same price as the Batmobile in the UK and New Zealand, I doubt its sales will be as good as it could be.
Two-Face Double Demolition
The Batcycle is sweet but I don’t like Two-Face’s vehicle
The Batwing. I love that box art!
The build is so awesome, it’s such a pity it only comes with 3 minifigures (for $90 USD)
The Ultimate Batmobile. Do note the light-up Batsignal in the background!
This image is rather old but I thought it’s still worth posting

What sets from this wave do you want to buy? Which look good and which look bad to you? Let me know in a comment below!

VaderFan2187 out!


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