71017-20 Mime CMF Review!

Back at it again with the LEGO Batman Movie CMF Reviews!

Today we’re taking a look at 71017-20 Mime. Like all LEGO Batman Movie CMF Reviews, she is $3.99 USD, £2.99 in the UK, and $5.99 in New Zealand. Is she good, or worth a pass?

Mime is a rather interesting figure. She is dressed in pink and black, has a dark blue mohawk, and comes with two lightning bolts.

Here’s an excerpt about her from the Batman wiki:

Camilla Ortin was a rich young heiress that once led a life of luxury and art as she led a group of touring mime artists across America. Sadly this ended up bankrupting her an she was left broke. Several years onwards, Camilla had grown to hate loud sounds,and went on a short crime spree, trying to silence Gotham City for good.

Mime was a very talented stage actress and mime artist, her main weapon was her shock gloves, which were powerful enough to render at least two people unconcious at the same time.


Interesting. I must say she looks rather freaky in the above image. I personally feel the LEGO version is rather ugly.

She does have interesting parts, though. Her blue mohawk is exclusive, and it’s always useful to get more lightning bolt pieces. Despite this, I’m still not entirely sold on this figure. The obscurity and unappealing design really hurt it.

Therefore, I rate it a 1/5. (Don’t worry, the lowest possible is 0.5/5! 😀 )

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VaderFan2187 out! 🙂


One thought on “71017-20 Mime CMF Review!

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  1. Good review. I agree that she does look rather ugly in Lego.
    Don’t have this figure but if I come across some more cmf’s I might try to find this one for the lightning bolt pieces to go with the Emperor from the upcoming Darth Vader Transformation set!

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