70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase Review!

I had the opportunity to pick up this set at 25% off. I bought it for the minifigures (Catwoman, Robin, and Batgirl). At $19.99 USD, £19.99 in the UK, $39.99 in New Zealand, and $34.99 in Australia, is this set worth picking up? Let’s start off with, well, the minifigures!


Catwoman is a great minifigure. She wears Batman’s utility belt in purple backwards, and has silver highlights all over. She has great arm printing as well.
70902_catwoman 6173634
Catwoman’s head has lime green “eyes” which show through her Cat headgear as goggles. Her head is double-sided: angry and sly smile. She is armed with a whip (and a spare is included).


This is the LEGO Batman Movie Batgirl. She’s a great minifigure, and I like the purple and yellow color scheme. She uses Batman’s utility belt. Her cowl has a bar at the end to which her ponytail attaches.
jnl-batgirl 6174165
Underneath her cowl is Batgirl’s head with a balaclava on. Her hair is dark red, and her head is double-sided (smiling and angry) She has arm printing and even has printing on the sides of her legs to depict boot straps. She comes with two batarangs (but a spare is included too, making 3). Batgirl is a very detailed minifigure. Me likey!


Robin is the final minifigure in this set. I have fallen in love with this figure, he is so adorable! He has dual-moulded arms and legs to represent short sleeves and boots. His googly eyes are attached to the hairpiece and cover his regular eyes.

sh315 6174013 img_0175_2048x2048
Unfortunately the boot printing juts up a bit above the red dual-moulded part of the legs. I don’t know if this was intentional. He has another face which looks surprised. He has no weapons, but, like Batgirl’s cape, his cape is shiny on one side and matte on the inside. This cape is shorter than usual and could be used as a minifigure poncho.

Now let’s see some of the interesting parts.

6170281   6172456 61870776172736 6158386 6158405  6158368

The first four elements are exclusive. The speedometer and the engine 1×1 silver tile are printed, and you get one spare of each! The other 3 elements only appear in 2 sets each.

But let’s not forget the builds!

The set comes with a Diamond Shop and Catwoman’s Catcycle.

Bag 1 provides Catwoman and her Catcycle. The Catcycle is a great but small build. It uses quite a lot of Technic elements which makes it a fun build. I built it without the instructions but you do have to guess for the place to put some elements.


There are no stickered elements in the build, all 3 stickers are used on the shop build.

Catwoman sits comfortably in her bike and can easily grip the handlebars. The bike is somewhat oversized, but not as badly as Kanan’s Speeder Bike or Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle. The Catcycle won’t fall over but is very close to the ground. The purple Technic part jutting out of the side has a red rear light, and there is none on the other side of the cycle, making the Catcycle asymmetrical.

The second bag has Batgirl, Robin, and the diamond store. The build for the store is rather simple and honestly feels rather underwhelming after building the great Catcycle.

The store includes the only play feature in the set: the streetlight can be knocked down (it is on a click hinge) to block the Catcycle. Inside the shop is pretty much empty, except for the stand for the two diamonds. The shop may be closed, but if two diamonds are displayed in the window and the sign is diamonds in the shape of a cat, isn’t that basically asking Catwoman to rob you? 🤔🤔

The store feels rather unsubstantial and I feel that since there are only 139 pieces, it could be extended by 2 studs and maybe included a cash register.
I’m a fan of this set, overall. The minifigures themselves are great enough to sell this set. In addition, the Catcycle looks good! Despite the apparent lack of play features, there is still a moving motorcycle, a collapsing street light, and a diamond store for Catwoman to rob, making this still a good play set.

I feel the piece count could be higher (expand the shop maybe) and that at full price it’s a little expensive, but overall it’s still a good set.

But what do you think? Let me know in a comment below!

Please like and share this if you enjoyed it! See you in the next post! 👍🏼

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


6 thoughts on “70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase Review!

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  1. Great review! Not planning on buying this one as I don’t really need the minifigures and the shop build is fairly weak. However, the cycle looks pretty good.
    Never noticed the cat shape diamond until you pointed it out!

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