75182 Republic Fighter Tank Pre-Review!

Following on from my 75183 Darth Vader Transformation Pre-Review, today I’m taking a look at 75182 Republic Fighter Tank! This set will retail for $24.99 USD and I guess it will be Β£19.99 and $49.99 in New Zealand. I will be taking a look at the currently available images of the set and sharing my thoughts! This set is based on the TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank, so here’s an image of it for comparison:


This particular set may be based on the siege of Saleucami, as seen in this image from Wookieepedia:


75182 comes with a brand new Aayla Secura, a Clone Gunner, and two Battle Droids. Aayla is a long-expected minifigure (we have not had a non-Clone Wars version of her yet), and here is a closer look at her minifigure. Picture from Jay’s Brick Blog:

I like her Twilek headpiece, as well as the great torso details. Those brown pants will probably be very versatile for minifigure customization.

And here’s a closer look at all the minifigures from the box:

I’m pretty excited for the Clone Trooper Gunner. He’s the first Phase II Clone Gunner, and the Phase I version last appeared in 2009. The Gunner has new printing on his helmet and a new torso too.

The minifigures aren’t bad, but I personally prefer the ones from 75183. Still, what about the tank itself?

To me, this looks like a rather accurate version of the Fighter Tank. It’s not perfect, sure, but it does the job. It has white stud shooters on the side that can rotate, as well as an opening hatch for the Clone Gunner to pop his head out. I really hope that the Clone Gunner can sit fully in the tank when the hatch is shut, if it cannot, I will be really disappointed. Do note the side of the tank uses this piece to create the shaping.

Here is confirmation that the set is $24.99 USD. The tank is rather undersized (I realized that just now by looking at the Star Wars version) but I think it’s still a good version. Plus the dark red highlights look good.

Personally I think this set is just as good as 75183. It boils down to this: are you more of a minifigure person, or a build person? If you care more about minifigures, then 75183 Darth Vader Transformation is for you. If you prefer your builds, then this set will likely be better.

I’ll take both.

VaderFan2187 out! πŸ˜€


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