Hi-Res images of the Spiderman: Homecoming sets!

Okay, yeah fine, it’s only two sets. HOWEVER, we do get our first look at the Shocker minifigure!The smaller set ($19.99 USD) is ATM Heist Battle (see featured image above). It’s decent I guess, but the bank looks juniorized. Here’s our first look at the back of the box:

Nice to see the robbers have reversible heads, but I would’ve preferred the Iron Man and Thor masks as the alternate heads.

And here’s the set called Beware the Vulture. The box was at NYTF but Shocker was greyed out, so here goes…

SMH2 (1)
Damn, Shocker is really disappointing. He looks very generic and that “gauntlet” of his looks ridiculous. He does look a bit accurate to the one we see in the trailer but that’s not his full outfit and we should’ve at least gotten a new gauntlet mould.


But what do you think about the sets? Are you excited for them? Are you excited for Spider-man: Homecoming? Let me know in a comment below!

Thanks for reading this! See you in the next post!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


2 thoughts on “Hi-Res images of the Spiderman: Homecoming sets!

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  1. Excited for the movie, but not that much of a spiderman fan. I’m more of an iron man person. The sets don’t really interest me all that much although that might change after watching the movie!

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