Nexo Knights is ending!!

Sir Von Lego, a renowned leaker, has said on Eurobricks that Nexo Knights is ending. This theme has been running for almost 2 years and there were no previous rumours of this, so it came as a big surprise to me (especially since it is a “Big Bang Theme”). 70315_alt1
The theme, which is the successor to the Chima theme, is basically a mashup of both Castle and Sci-Fi. Unfortunately, it appears it did not quite work as well as hoped, as many in the AFOL Community do not like this theme (and have been rather vocal about it).

The initial 2016 wave featured a group of five knights (Clay, Aaron, Macy, Lance, and Axl) facing off against Jestro and his army of lava monsters. The theme maintains classic castle elements (shields, swords, castles etc.) but with a futuristic twist.

The theme also has a TV show which tells the adventure of the knights and gives children a story to play the sets with. It is a similar medium of LEGO to Ninjago, but I believe that LEGO Ninjago is a much more popular theme (given its position as an “evergreen” theme in LEGO’s portfolio).

Nexo Knights also has a subcategory called “Ultimate Knights” which feature “ultimate” variants of the characters which include upgraded armor and powers.

70348_alt7 70334_alt6
One key feature of Nexo Knights are the “Nexo Powers”. They are basically 3×2 shields with printed designs that can be scanned and used in the Merlok 2.0 app game. A rocky, darker version of the shields were released as part of the Ultimate sets for some of the lava villains.

In 2017, the Ultimate Knights were replaced by the Battle suits, which are mini exo-body suits. In my opinion this was much better than the Ultimate Knights. The subcategory also introduced a new component, which allowed three Nexo Powers to be used at once.

The second year of the theme changed to rocky, lightning-themed monsters, led by a very different-looking Jestro. The purple and trans blue color scheme is very different from the brown and red colors of 2016’s lava monsters, but I think it is a welcome change.

The summer wave for 2017 was shown off at NYTF and thus the news of Nexo Knights ending was very surprising to many, and rumors circulated that the summer sets would not be released. However, Mark Stafford (aka Nabii), a LEGO Designer who worked on Nexo Knights, debunked the rumors and said that the summer sets would be released.
So that’s my news update of Nexo Knights ending! What do you feel about the news?

Let me know what you think in the comments! I’ll see you in the next post! šŸ™‚

VaderFan2187 out! šŸ˜€


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