Series 17 CMF Review: Connoisseur!

Pictures from Brickset, taken by Huw. I do not own any of these images, no infringement intended. 🙂

Today I have another CMF Series 17 Review… it is the Connoisseur! Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

(French stereotypes galore!)Firstly, for your information, here’s what Wikipedia defines as a “connoisseur”:

A connoisseur (Frenchtraditional (pre-1835) spelling of connaisseur, from Middle-French connoistre, then connaître meaning “to be acquainted with” or “to know somebody/something.”) is a person who has a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, cuisines, or an expert judge in matters of taste.

Hmm, interesting. What’s strange is that, apart from the minifigure clearly being French-inspired, there isn’t really much about him that fits “connoisseur”.

Anyway, on to the figure.


He has a very “french” outfit, with the beret and a cool moustache. I love his face, sort of puzzled and classic Frenchman at the same time. He wears a stripey shirt and plain black pants, while he comes with (what else?) a baguette.


The back of his shirt has more stripes. I love that little French bulldog piece, it’s adorable, and is always nice to get new animal molds in LEGO!

Other than the fact that this is a very strong French stereotype, I don’t really have any issues with this figure. He looks good, he has a cool dog. What’s not to like?

Rating: 4/5

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VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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