42058 Stunt Bike VS. 42059 Stunt Truck: Comparison Review!

Back with more comparisons!! (I hope you guys like these 😄)

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Today we are comparing two 2017 LEGO Technic Pullback sets. They both retail for £17.99 in the UK, $19.99 in the US, $32.99 in Australia, and $34.99 in New Zealand. With equal prices, equal functions, and almost-equal piece counts, I thought this would be good material for my second Comparison Review.

Let’s compare them through different categories.


Both of these are pullback vehicles. They both come with one Technic pullback motor and, when released, drive pretty far. One cool thing about the 2017 Technic pullback sets is the inclusion of a paper ramp that has a cool printed design. The ramp has rubber pieces at the bottom to prevent it from sliding as well.

They’re both okay for the included models, however, the combination pullback model is larger and thus I would’ve preferred larger ramps.

The two vehicles are both pretty good in terms of playability and are fun to send flying on the ramp. They both have decent stability.

Winner: TIE


The Stunt Truck and the Stunt Bike both look pretty good, with angular, sleek designs.

The stunt truck looks great from this side view. The medium azure color looks good as well. I like the “Accele Rate” stickers 😀

The stunt bike has a cool sleek look as well. Unfortunately it has a 3-gear drivetrain connecting the pullback motor to the rear wheel, and this juts out significantly (by 2 whole beams). In addition, one of these gears is bright red, and overall the gear train really, really hurts the look of the Stunt Bike.

Winner: Stunt Truck (42059)


While the Stunt Bike has a couple of interesting parts (like these pieces), the Stunt Truck has, overall, better parts. This is especially due to the medium azure color, and thus many of its panels are actually exclusive!

Winner: Stunt Truck (42059)

Price: Both are £17.99 in the UK, $19.99 in the US, $32.99 in Australia, and $34.99 in New Zealand. Despite the equal price, however, the Stunt Bike looks quite a bit smaller than the Stunt Truck.

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The Stunt Truck only actually has 2 more pieces than the Stunt Bike, but due to the Stunt Bike being only a motorcycle, the lack of 2 additional wheels really hurt its size and heft, making it weaker in terms of price as well.

Winner: Stunt Truck (42059)

So, overall, which is the better set? Let’s tally votes and see.

Playability: TIE
Looks: Stunt Truck
Parts: Stunt Truck
Price: Stunt Truck

So overall, 42059 Stunt Truck is hands down the winner. It’s bigger, better, has more parts, and has better value.

Check out Sariel’s reviews of both sets here:

And his review of the combo model here:

Let me know what you think of these sets in the comments below! Don’t forget to like and follow my blog! See you in the next post! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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