May the 4th be with you!!

Happy May the 4th Day everyone! Let’s talk Star Wars!

Does anyone else here like Star Wars? I know I do! Today we’ll just be discussing some random Star Wars stuff. 😀

Here are some of my favorite scenes from each Star Wars movie:

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  • Duel of the Fates is easily my favorite TPM scene, and is one of the best Star Wars duels.
  • Battle of Geonosis was awesome thanks to the huge number of Jedi present
  • Order 66 is one of the greatest moments in Revenge of the Sith, showing the ultimate betrayal. I would’ve preferred a longer Order 66 sequence though. Duel on Mustafar comes a close second.
  • Battle on Scarif is a great, great moment in Rogue One. The emotional character deaths come a close second too.
  • I like the Battle of Yavin scenes in A New Hope. Death Star FTW!
  • The “I am your father” scene is one of the most impactful moments of Star Wars. Who can hate it?
  • The Final Duel was the best duels in the Classic Trilogy. Easily. Plus the ending is emotional 😊
  • I can’t really pick a favorite scene from The Force Awakens but I went with the Starkiller Base attack. Despite being too similar to the trench run scene from Ep IV, it still was nice to watch.

What are your favorite scenes from Star Wars? Let me know in a comment below!

Whenever there is May the 4th, companies will also cash in on the Star Wars celebrations. LEGO has done May the 4th promotions every year since 2011. Let’s take a look at them.

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  • The Shadow ARF Trooper, while cool, has actually never really appeared in any canon material.
  • TC-14 is a chrome minifigure and is thus rather special.
  • Hoth Han Solo is, honestly, nothing special really. You could buy him in a $25 USD set in 2016.
  • Darth Revan is considered by many to be the best May the 4th promo yet.
  • Admiral Yularen is a decent minifigure. He’s a character who appears at the conference table in the Death Star.
  • The First Order Stormtrooper sparked a huge outcry from the fan community, as it was nothing special and you could buy a very similar First Order Stormtrooper in a Battle Pack.
  • R2-D2 polybag came as a surprise to many as most were expecting a minifigure. Like it or not, it’s a change from the usual minifigure and gives a larger build of one of the most iconic Star Wars characters for Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary.

Which is your favorite May the 4th polybag? Let me know in a comment below too!

This section of the post is dedicated to Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker, both of whom were great Star Wars actors and passed away in 2016. R.I.P. and may the Force be with you both. 😢

Thanks for reading! Let’s talk about Star Wars in the comments!

Oh, and May the Force be with you! 😆


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