76088 Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash Pre-Review!

‘Sup everyone! Today I have another Pre-Review of a Thor: Ragnarok LEGO set: 76088 Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash!

“I know him! He’s a friend from work!” This set will retail for $59.99 in the US. I think it might be £64.99 in the UK and $129.99 in New Zealand.

Let’s take a look at the minifigures.

Hulk, Thor, Loki, Sakaarian Guard, Grandmaster (though you could’ve probably read that above 😜)

The Sakaarian Guard is the weakest minifigure in the set. It has nice face printing and great torso printing, but the lack of leg printing spoils the overall look of the figure.

I like the Thor minifigure. He has his cool gladiator helmet and I like how the Ninjago sword holder is molded in blue for him. He has a bit of leg printing but unfortunately there is no arm printing (unlike the one in the Asgard Battle set).

Here’s a closer look at the Grandmaster minifigure. It looks like an okay figure but doesn’t look like the Grandmaster. I don’t know why they used that hairpiece.

The Hulk bigfig is cool. I like how the molded the toes (after the complaints about the AOU Hulk lacking molded toes). His shoulder pad is a bit bright but I like his helmet and his face with the white markings on it. The brick-built accessories are well done in my opinion.

Here is a look at the Loki minifigure which was leaked a while back. He has a scared face and a normal face, but neither really look like Tom Hiddleston. I would’ve preferred a green outfit over a blue one, but oh well.

Here’s the arena build. I’m not a fan of how such big panels were used all over, it makes the build look too juniorized. The blue is also a bit bright, but arguably the colors in Thor: Ragnarok are rather vibrant.

Note this 1×1 clip brick piece at the end. Expansion possibilities?

Here’s the Grandmaster’s seat. I like the stadium lights. If you look closely, you can tell that the Grandmaster’s seat is on a Technic plate. I wonder if it can be flipped backwards.

Here’s the door which the Hulk jumps through in the trailer. I think this is just a sliding door.

Note these columns on the side. If you hit the lamp backwards, the column will fall down. It’s kinda boring to be honest. I wonder if there are other destruction features for Hulk.

Here’s Loki’s stadium seat. Do you notice the clip there? I believe this indicates that the arena is a modular build, as you can clip and unclip the parts to rearrange them. I wonder if there is any interior behind the platforms.

I’m overall not really a fan of this set. It looks too juniorized, and the price is high thanks to the Hulk bigfig. I’d buy it only for the Hulk bigfig. Personally I think you should wait for a discount of 20% off or more before purchasing.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts about this set and about Thor: Ragnarok in a comment below! See you in the next post! 😉

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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