What is the best 2016 LEGO Star Wars minifigure? 🤔

Yeah, what is the best LEGO Star Wars 2016 Minifigure?

On Eurobricks, I’ve been running a game called “The Best Star Wars 2016 Minifigure“. Basically I show 6 LEGO Star Wars 2016 minifigures in each round, and the winner of each round progresses. We are now at the final round of voting, with the top 3 minifigures!

These are the remaining ones!

Luminara Unduli

There are three teams:
If you sign up at Eurobricks you can vote for the minifigure you want. I am on #TEAMLUMINARA!

However, I predict Ahsoka will win. This is because Luminara is a prequel character and many Star Wars fans do not like the prequels. Darth Vader is also very similar to the 2015 Vader minifigure, with only slight variations. This is a shame as IMO Luminara is an exquisite and complete-looking minifigure.

I also think it’s interesting how two thirds of the minifigures are female Jedi. There are also no minifigures from the Original Trilogy/Sequel Trilogy (this Darth Vader minifigure is from Star Wars Rebels).

Stay tuned, as when the game is concluded, I will post about the results! 😀

VaderFan2187 out! 👽


Wait, why am I an alien?

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