79016 Attack on Lake-town Review!

Hey what’s up guys? Today I have another review of a LEGO The Hobbit set: 79016 Attack on Lake-town! This is based on the third Hobbit Movie, the Battle of the Five Armies; the set came out in 2014. It retailed for $29.99 USD, £34.99 in the UK, $59.99 in Australia, and $79.99 in New Zealand, so the price seems rather high based on first impressions. Still, we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? 😉

How good of a set is it? Read on to find out!

Let’s take a look at the minifigures first, shall we?
bard_9 lor099
The first minifigure we shall take a look at is Bard the Bowman. He is new and exclusive to this set. I like how he uses Qui-Gon’s hairpiece in black. His printing on the torso and legs is good too, though unfortunately it cuts off abruptly (but could represent boots, haha). Like many of The Hobbit minifigures, he has a reversible head: A serious, slightly confused look, and a dirty, angry face.
lor098 tauriel_8
The second minifigure I’m taking a look at is Tauriel. She has new printing on her torso and legs but her head and hair is the same as the variant from 79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders set. I quite like her green outfit, and she is armed with an Elven bow.
bain lor100
The third minifigure in the set is Bain, son of Bard. I do not know his role in the film (I only saw the first Hobbit film! 😆) and he is not a character in the Hobbit book, at least not a prominent one. Still, he’s quite a cute-looking minifigure, and like his father, he has a regular, calmer face and a dirty face.
lor102 lor101
The last two minifigures are two Hunter Orcs. The only difference between them is that one has a quiver and one does not. The one without has a classic notched orc sword, while the one with the quiver has (duh) a bow. They are dark tan, which leads me to believe they are different from the Gundabad Orcs? They’re okay figures but not standouts at all. And are they wearing speedos?!

This set’s figures look decent in my opinion, but the orcs are a bit bland, Tauriel and Bard come in other sets (albeit different variations), and Bain isn’t enough motivation to buy the set just for him.


Bring on the builds! 🙂


There is a small build included which is a boat for Tauriel. This feels like a total afterthought in my opinion and is far from special. The box very helpfully tells us it doesn’t float. 😛


The main build is alright. It’s a little small, but it is around 300 bricks only. Here the Orcs are attacking Bain with Bard in hot pursuit. Bain is using a fish as a weapon. Maybe it is made of metal? XD


I like the angled green roof with snow on it. The brown bricks give it a nice look overall, with sprinkles of dark green.


The left building is smaller. It is very empty and bland, but has a couple of play features. The first one is this barrel on a crane. Minifigures can swing it to whack orcs off the platform. But what if the orc survives and tries to climb up the ladder on the side?


A lever can be turned, which breaks off a portion of the wall and sends the orc on the ladder flying. R.I.P. orc.


Let’s charge across the bridge to the other building! There are no play features integrated in the bridge, which is surprising as I expected a trapdoor of some sort. I don’t mind though, as this means we get a nice-looking arch underneath (which Tauriel’s boat can sail through). The handrail looks decent save the mismatched slope pieces. Why they went with a lighter brown for the 1×1 cheese slope is beyond me.


Actually, let’s just walk up the steps and through the main door. One question I have is: do the steps lead into the water? Meaning Bard gets his feet wet every day when he goes to work?? Anyway, the orcs charge up the stairs and reach to open the door (which strangely uses a zipline piece for a doorknob). Nothing could go wrong, right?


Well, the door has a little dirty trick up its sleeve. When the door is opened, a little holder on top swings down and dumps transparent orange 1×1 studs on intruders. The lamppost on the side is connected to the holder, meaning you can use your finger to stop the holder by blocking the lamppost’s path. I wonder what the trans orange studs are. Fire? But that would mean Bard’s house gets burnt down. Maybe it’s raw egg yolk 🙂


The second floor has a ballista with a spring-loaded shooter. I am happy to see the missile piece in black, as it is supposed to represent the Black Arrow. I was confused by how it was so huge, as in the book the Black Arrow is just a normal arrow. However, I learnt from Jay’s review of this set that the Black Arrow in the film is a big ballista used to fend off dragons. Only one arrow is left during The Hobbit. In that case this build looks pretty good.


As shown on the box art, Bard can stand behind the ballista and shoot it angrily. I find it amusing that on the box, there is not a dragon in sight and Bard is basically just shooting it into the air!


All in all, I think this is a pretty weak set. It did surpass my expectations, but that’s because they were really low. The minifigures are decent but not good enough to make you buy this set specifically for them; the build looks okay, and the price… is ridiculously high. $29.99 USD is good value, but £34.99, $59.99 AUD, and $79.99 in New Zealand?! It should be the same price as 79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders (since their US RRPs are the same).

Builds: 2.5/5 (The build looks decent but interior is almost nonexistent)

Playability: 3/5 (Some fun features included)

Minifigs: 3/5 (Decent but no standouts)

Price: 1/5 (Apart from the US price, thre prices are ridiculous)

Personal Rating: 2/5 (Weak set, wasted opportunity as I usually like sets around this price point)

TOTAL: 2.3/5 

Current Bricklink prices for this set are around $40, so maybe this wasn’t too popular. Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below, and be sure to like this article! I’ll see you in the next post! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀




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