Series 17 CMF Review: Veterinarian! (AKA the Vet)

Pictures from Brickset, I do not own any of these images. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks! 🙂

Today I have another Series 17 CMF Review! It is the Veterinarian (from now on I will use “vet”… 😋) Let’s see how well she fares!

The vet’s clothes are all aqua, with light blue gloves. She has minimal printing but it’s nice to see dual-moulded arms. I like her printed facial expression, new female LEGO heads are always useful.
A little back printing. Her hairpiece is new and looks quite good! It’s also nice to get more minifigure parts in rarer colors like aqua.

Do note the new rabbit mould included. It looks okay I guess but the ears sticking up so straight makes it a bit funny looking.

In conclusion, I feel this figure is a mediocre CMF. It’s nothing special as it looks a bit plain, and the rabbit mould isn’t the most impressive. However there’s nothing that is really bad about it either.

Rating: 2.5/5

Thanks for reading! Apologies for how short this is, I didn’t have too much to say about the figure 😅 Be sure to comment and like, and as always, I will see you in the next post! 😀

VaderFan2187 out! 😁


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