LEGO The Last Jedi Sets Leaked!!!

It’s that time of year again!! WOOHOO!!!

Also, no Confidential watermarks… 😈 the sets look great, but check ’em out!

So… we get a new Rey, Poe becomes a captain and wears a Han-like uniform, Snoke wears gold and is human-sized, and we have a purple-haired admiral?! Awesome!

Only letdown in this wave to me is Snoke. He looks terrible imo. Otherwise I’m really happy with what we’ve seen so far!

Thanks for looking! Please comment below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😃


Update! New image of the Gorilla AT-AT!




19 thoughts on “LEGO The Last Jedi Sets Leaked!!!

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    1. WOW Jay! You commented 😄 awesome, thanks for checking out my blog! Yeah I agree Snoke looks underwhelming, but I’ll probably wait for clearer pictures. He doesn’t look very grand to me though, which is unfortunate for a “Supreme Leader”.


      1. Haha I lurk! I really hope his character in The Last Jedi isn’t lame after building up so much intrigue in Force Awakens.

        Glad I could make your day 🙂

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      2. Thanks! 🙂 I wonder which way Disney will take it, if they make him a useless old guy then I’m sure many will be disappointed, but if he’s super powerful then he’ll become an Emperor Palpatine ripoff :/


  1. These sets look really nice! I like that new hair Rey got. The First Order Walker Driver looks really great, and I might buy the Minifigure on eBay. However, I will really like to see Finn, Chewy, Leia, Luke and Kylo. Hope there are other sets coming out!

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      1. I also hope they will introduce some new characters…

        Oh! An Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Ghost Minifigure! That would be really cool!


      2. While that would be fantastic, I doubt we’ll get Force Ghost Obi-Wan in The Last Jedi, and LEGO seems very reluctant to do transparent minifigures (likely because transparent parts are more brittle).


  2. Nice to see leaked photos of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets. Gives us a good idea of what’s coming up.
    Personally I find the Resistance Bomber the most interesting set. Looking forward to seeing more and higher quality photos of that set!

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  3. Hmm, seems like the original leaker got caught/warned. Wouldn’t expect more pics soon, but we should get official images by Sept. so I expect leaks to surface sooner or later. I know that none of the sets are location playsets, and one is a BB-8 which costs under 100EUR. Rose will also be in a set.


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