79000 Riddles for the Ring Review!

This thing all things devours; birds, beasts, trees, flowers. Gnaws iron, bites steel; grinds hard stone to meal; Slays king, ruins town, and beats high mountain down.

Hello everyone! Today I have a review of 79000 Riddles for the Ring! This precioussss set is a December 2012 set that retailed for $9.99 in the US, £11.99 in the UK, $19.99 in Australia, and $24.99 in New Zealand.

I’m sure many people bought this set for the minifigures, so we will look at those first. Two are included; they are Bilbo and Gollum.

Here is the Bilbo minifigure. He appears in two other (pricier) sets, and wears a stylish dark red jacket. He has two faces (as is very common for LEGO Hobbit minifigures), calm and scared. One thing I am not fond of this figure is how prominent the eyebags are, they make him look too old. Fortunately on his scared head the issue isn’t too bad. It’s nice to get the main character of a movie in a cheap set.
Here is Gollum. He is different from the Lord of the Rings version because he has a different facial expression, but otherwise I think he is the same. It is nice to get a different variant of him because the LOTR Gollum also appeared in a rather cheap set.

There are two builds included in the set.
The first build is Gollum’s boat. It’s really simple but provides a vehicle for Gollum I guess. There are a couple of skeleton parts clipped on, could it be remnants from Gollum’s last meal? The box helpfully tells us that the boat does not float 😃
The second build, which is also the larger one, is a small bit of rocks which is where Gollum keeps his preciousss, or the Ring. We don’t get rockwork in LEGO sets too often and I think this looks decent, with jagged, asymmetrical shapes.
You can place Gollum on top to wait in ambush for his next meal, um, visitor.
Two parts of the rock can be rotated outwards. Then, by turning the grey axle connector on the side, it hinges a stone pedestal holding the Ring forward. It’s a decent play feature I guess, as it lets you recreate Gollum or Bilbo getting the ring from its hiding spot.

Gollum Fights Bilbo With Fish
I think this is a pretty decent set overall. It’s an affordable way of getting Bilbo, the movie’s main character, as well as Gollum. Though there are no exclusive characters in this set, so if you own a set with Bilbo and the Shelob Attacks set, there really isn’t a need for you to get this.

But if you want a cheap Bilbo and Gollum set based on one of my favorite scenes from the Hobbit book, this set is for you!

Builds: 2.5/5
Minifigures: 3.5/5
Playability: 2.5/5
Price: 3/5
Personal Rating: 2.5/5
TOTAL: 2.8/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below, and be sure to like this article! See you in the next post 😉

VaderFan2187 out! 😄


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