LOTR02: Gondor Soldier Battle Pack!

Hey all! Here is my second LOTR set idea!

It is called LOTR02 Gondor Soldier Battle Pack. It would retail for £14.99 in the UK, $14.99 in the US, $24.99 in Australia, and $29.99 in New Zealand. It has 188 pieces.

LOTR02 Gondor Battle Pack $14.99.lxf.png
Defend Minas Tirith with the Gondor Soldier Battle Pack!
LOTR02 Gondor Battle Pack $14.99.lxf2.png
Fire the stud shooter!
LOTR02 Gondor Battle Pack $14.99.lxf3.png
Shoot the spring-loaded shooter!
LOTR02 Gondor Battle Pack $14.99.lxf4.png
If the orcs succeed in destroying the walls, send the walls flying with the breakaway feature!
LOTR02 Gondor Battle Pack $14.99.lxf7.png
Climb up the ladder to defend Minas Tirith from the orcs!

Clips included on the side for additional expansion possibilities to build your own exterior wall of Minas Tirith!

Set includes 4 Gondor soldiers
Accessories include: Spear, sword, axe, bow & arrow, 3x shields

Thanks for looking! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below, and be sure to like this post 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😁


5 thoughts on “LOTR02: Gondor Soldier Battle Pack!

Add yours

  1. Wow, nice – love the play features!
    $25 in Australia would be a bargain considering that we are now paying $23 for battle packs. Because your set is larger than your average battle pack, I’d expect to pay $35 and maybe chuck in an orc to destroy the walls!

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