71017-8 Arkham Asylum Joker Review!

Here is another of my LEGO Batman Movie CMF Reviews!

Today we have the Joker in his Arkham Asylum inmate uniform. How good of a CMF is he?

So this minifigure is basically the Joker, full green hair and all, dressed in his bright orange Arkham suit.

However I am not a fan of the minifigure. Sure, it’s a good way to get more Arkham inmate suits, but the Arkham Asylum set from The LEGO Batman Movie has a Arkham inmate Joker as well. That makes this seem really redundant. If it had a special purple suit that looked similar to the regular Joker it would be more useful as it would be a cheap way to get a normal purple Joker.

6173587   4518282
It doesn’t help that his accessories are uninspired as well. His hair is the regular Joker hair and the handcuffs are, well, handcuffs. Boring from start to finish.

Rating: 1/5

Thanks for looking! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below, and like/share this article if you enjoyed it! See ya in the next post 😉

VaderFan2187 out! 😁


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