LOTR04: Treebeard Attack!

Hello all!

Here is my fourth LEGO Lord of the Rings set idea: Treebeard Attack! It would retail for £19.99 in the UK, $24.99 in the US, $44.99 in Australia, and $49.99 in New Zealand.

LOTR04 Treebeard Attack $24.99.lxf.png
Attack the Uruk-Hai in LOTR04 Treebeard Attack!
LOTR04 Treebeard Attack $24.99.lxf2.png
Place Merry and Pippin on Treebeard’s head so he can carry them around!
LOTR04 Treebeard Attack $24.99.lxf3.png
Pose Treebeard well thanks to the abundant use of ball joints!
LOTR04 Treebeard Attack $24.99.lxf4.png
Defeat the Uruk-Hai!

Set includes 4 minifigures: Merry, Pippin, and 2x Uruk-Hai
Accessories include: 2x short swords, Uruk-Hai sword, Uruk-Hai shield, Uruk-Hai halberd

Thanks for looking! I know Treebeard’s brick-built face looks pretty terrible 😞 but it was the best I could do. Do like, share, and comment below if you liked it! See you in the next post 😀

VaderFan2187 out! 🐸


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