71013-6: Hiker CMF Review!

Hey all! Here’s my second Series 16 CMF Review: the Hiker!

I LOVE this figure. Everything about him is nearly perfect. He looks good as a whole, but his individual parts are great too!
His hairpiece, the Hawkeye spiky hair, is new and useful in dark tan. His happy bearded face looks good too and would fit in a LEGO City setting.
I also like his green sweater! It will fit in a city setting as well. The only problem with it is that it has backpack straps which restrict its reusability, but it makes the CMF itself as a whole feel more complete. His dual-moulded legs are nice too, with printed pockets and brown boots!
His printed 2×2 map tile is quite a nice piece. I like how it says “Greeble Trail”, a reference to a LEGO building technique (greebling). His backpack is fantastic, as it is dual-molded, causing the rolled-up sleeping bag to successfully look different from the rest of the bag! This makes the whole element pop and I’m very happy with it! The compass itself is nice too, as it is printed on a trans-clear 1×1 tile.

All in alll, a great figure. I really adore every part of him, and absolutely recommend him!

Rating: 5/5

Thanks for reading! Please like, share, and comment if you enjoyed this! I’ll see you in the next post! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😁


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