Interview with just2good!

Hi everyone!

Today I have a very special post, because I have an interview with none other than the LEGO YouTuber just2good!

Huge thanks to him for allowing me to interview him!

1. How long have you been an AFOL for?
just2good: I’ve loved LEGO my whole life – so I’ve been a fan of LEGO forever! How long have I been an adult? Well, I’d rather not reveal my age. πŸ˜›Β 

Ooh, haha, another mysterious element about you 😝
2. What’s your favorite LEGO theme?
j2g: The Simpsons, Toy Story, Minifigures, Adventurers, and Studios!Β 

Certainly a big variety! πŸ˜ƒ
3. You run a YouTube channel of the same name (which I’m a fan of!) Do you mind sharing some hardships you’ve encountered running a major LEGO YouTube channel?
j2g: Two of my biggest problems: time and copyright restrictions. For time, when I’m in a filming mood, I can get a lot done – but I have a busy life, thus it’s a hardship to make time and get motivation. Sometimes I can knock out a bunch of videos in a week, other times it’s slow. For copyright, well, my first few years were rocky because I was still learning about what is in my rights to do and what isn’t when it comes to covering LEGO news and uploading on YouTube. I guess I grasped that at this point. I’m lucky to still be around on the site and I’ve learned from my mistakes.Β 

Ah I see, well you’re certainly a YouTube veteran now! πŸ™‚
4. Do you like to MOC? If so, which MOC are you most proud of?
j2g: I rarely MOC because those take a lot of time. But, my favorite MOC of mine is probably the Weird Al performance stage I posted on LEGO Ideas a couple years back.

5. What’s your favorite LEGO set of all time?
j2g: Definitely the 2014 Simpsons House set. Never have I been so hyped for a set and been so satisfied post hype.

Hmm, I don’t own that unfortunately, but it does seem like a great official LEGO house.
6. What is the reason you chose the name ‘just2good’?
j2g: just2good = Justin (my name) – in + 2 (my favorite number) + good (I love puns, so I sorta made the name into a pun)Β 

Ah I see, that’s just2cool! πŸ˜›
7. Is there a theme you’ve secretly liked for a long time but never bought?
j2g: Cars, but now I bought it! Oh, and I wanna get some Speed Racer, but those are pricey.Β 

Haha, you must like cars!
8. If you could say one thing to us just2fans (is that a thing?) what would it be?
j2g: I would say, thanks for all the support throughout the years – even when I fumble you guys are still loyal and supportive. I really appreciate such. πŸ™‚Β 

We’ll always be by your side πŸ™‚
9. What’s your favorite video that you’ve made?
j2g: I have a playlistΒ of those:Β 

It’d hard to name just one off the top of my head.

Ah I see, I noticed you tend to like your “Top 10”-type videos πŸ™‚
10. What’s currently your most-wanted set?
j2g: Hmm, maybe the old Airport Shuttle LEGO Town set or the LEGO Paradisa Poolside Paradise.

11. If you could change one thing about LEGO, what would it be?
j2g:Β I would remove their “no adult franchise” golden rule.Β 

Hehe, not at all related to the fact that we’re AFOLs πŸ˜‚
I do understand why they do it, though for AFOLs it definitely can be frustrating.

Thanks for allowing me to interview you! One last question from us just2fans…
12. Do you have any plans for a face reveal? Perhaps saving for something momentous like 500K subs? πŸ˜‰
j2g: I might be doing one soon, actually. Maybe 200/250/300K? πŸ™‚

Wow that is awesome!! Can’t wait πŸ˜€

HUGE thanks to just2good for giving me the pleasure of interviewing him! Go check out his YouTube page and his Eurobricks account!

VaderFan2187 out! πŸ™‚


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