60153 Fun at the Beach Review!

Let’s go to the beach, each, let’s go get away, they say what they gonna say! XD okay maybe that wasn’t entirely fitting.

Today I have 60153 Fun at the Beach to review for y’all! I believe this is the same price as 60134 Fun at the Park, in which case it is £34.99 in the UK, $39.99 in the US, $54.99 in Australia, and a whopping $79.99 in New Zealand?!

This set has 14 minifigures and a series of small builds, just like Fun in the Park. Let’s look at them individually.
The first minifigure is this diver. I think he’s rather out-of-place (I haven’t seen a diver at the beach where I live before). He’s reused from the 2015 City Underwater line which is unfortunate. In his hand is a big fish, maybe that’s why he’s so happy? One thing I’m not a fan of is how he has lime green flippers, they don’t match and should have been red IMO.
Here’s a LEGO Kayak piece. I don’t know if the kayak is new, it certainly is to me! I like his new oar piece as well. Too bad his life jacket makes his head stick up too high, but it’s always important to wear life jackets 😉
Here are 3 figures and an ice cream stall. IMO the ice cream stall is way too small, I get that there’s a piece limit, but it could have been a bit bigger. It takes up less space than a sand castle!
There’s a mini umbrella build for you to eat your ice cream under.
60153_alt4 60153-1
There is a blue dolphin and LEGO Batman’s lobster in the set as well!
Here’s a little girl building a sandcastle. It’s a simple build but it works I guess.
Here’s a cheeky-looking boy. I like his dual-molded legs as well as his printed vest. He comes with a huge printed boombox 🎶
Here’s his friend. He wears a sleeveless green sweater (which I like) and relaxes on a hammock with his phone. I do like this hammock build, but the trees are a little too blocky.
Here is a woman playing volleyball (or is it netball?) I like the net build, it’s simple but quite good (except for that blocky grey part). There is a white ball included for the lady to play.
Here’s a guy with his dog. He can play volleyball/netball with the lady, and he has dual-molded blue and yellow legs to represent shorts.
Here’s a lifeguard. I quite like the stand, but since when did lifeguards have parrots? The lifeguard has printing to indicate a collared shirt but it is sleeveless? IMO he should have dual-molded arms to indicate short sleeves.
Here’s an old man who’s… searching for gold I guess? I like his dad bod print, it provides variety from some figures which have such prominent abs. 😄 I believe his metal detector is a new mold, as there is no stud above the bottom round piece.
Here is a cleaner! Beaches can have litter sometimes so I appreciate LEGO including a cleaner, though he is on the plainer side.
Here’s a lady who I believe wants to go windsailing. She has a new sail piece mounted on a ball-joint stick. She has one of those goofy lifevests as well, which makes her head awkwardly high. LEGO needs to fix that.
Here is a lady sunbathing. She wears a bikini top and holds a camera (but what is she taking a photo of??)

Overall, this set is a decent people pack. However, at its current pricing, it is priced way too high for only 169 pieces. I get that there are 14 minifigures included, but the price seems far too high nonetheless. This hurts the set overall as otherwise it is quite good.

Builds: 4/5
Minifigures: 4/5
Playability: 3.5/5
Price: 1.5/5
Personal Rating: 3.5/5
TOTAL: 3.3/5

Thanks for reading! Please like, comment and share! I’ll see you in the next post 😃

VaderFan2187 out! 😁


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