70608 Master Falls Pre-Review!

Hi everyone, today I’m here with something I like to do: pre-reviews!

This is a pre-review of 70608 Master Falls which got revealed a couple of days ago.

The set comes with three figures: Kai, Sensei Wu, and Jungle Garmadon. They are all nicely detailed minifigures, and it is good to get these three main characters in a small-ish set.


There is a skeleton included with a map, but personally I don’t consider it to be a figure.


The back of the box seems to indicate there are not many play features. You can open and close a cage to catch Garmadon, though.


Interestingly, it seems that there are two (blue) Technic half-pins. This could perhaps be used to pose figures. I like the use of caterpillar tracks to form the bridge, although this technique is not new. Also noteworthy are the T-bars below the bridge railings, it appears Kai can swing on them (as shown on the box).


I do applaud the designers for their attention to detail in this set. The nature elements look great and realistic, and looks like a real entrance in a jungle. I also like the sand green highlights throughout.

Overall, this is not an all-out playset, but the figures are good and the build looks nice as well. $30 USD seems a little too high though, I’d probably buy it at $25 USD or under.

Thanks for looking! Please do comment below, your thoughts are always appreciated!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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