70622 Desert Lightning Review!

Hey all! I haven’t reviewed a LEGO Ninjago set in so long, so here’s my review of 70622 Desert Lightning! This set is a 2017 Hands of Time that retails for $19.99 in the US, £19.99 in the UK, $29.99 in Australia, and $39.99 in New Zealand.

Jay is the first minifigure in the set. He has detailed prints all over and I like him, especially since Jay is my favorite ninja! He is armed with the Blue Slow-mo time blade, which is a detailed (but not exclusive) weapon. However, the Slow-mo time blade is likely what Jay and the Vermillion will be battling for, so it is a shame that Jay does not have any other accessories.
70622_alt6 70622-1.jpg
The second figure in the set is Commander Blunck. I like his detailed helmet and armor mold, while the printing on his torso and legs are impressive as well! In the Ninjago TV series, the Vermillion warriors are composed of several snakes intertwined to form humanoid warriors, and this figure certainly demonstrates that, with printing depicting snakes on his body! He is armed with a special Vermillion axe.
Tannin is the final figure in this set and is arguably the least interesting. Like Blunck, he has nice printing and a good helmet piece, but lacks an armor piece and he does not even have a weapon! The lack of weapons in this set is quite a large oversight in my opinion and does hurt playability.

There are two builds in the set, the first of which is this Vermillion bike. Tannin can sit inside and drive around, but apart from that there is literally no other play feature. I think Blunck should at least be able to sit inside…
…as he is shown comically running behind the two vehicles on the box.
Jay’s bike is perhaps a little more interesting, but cannot raise the quality of the set. Firstly, it looks rather ugly, as it does not look sleek, has chunky wheels, and sits awkwardly high above the ground.
There are dual stud shooters at the front but those do not count as quality play features in my opinion and the shooters look incredibly tacked on in this set.
You can also hinge the side pods outwards to fold out blue elemental blasts (as if the bike is speeding faster). This is a slightly better play feature but it is not particularly interesting either.
And… that’s it. That’s literally it. No other play features whatsoever.

Overall, I am incredibly let down by this set. The play features are lacking, the vehicles don’t look great, and the figures are average (as they appear in other sets). The price is alright I guess, but there are other sets at this price point which are definitely better. This is rather unfortunate as sets at this price point are usually very good and there are no other similarly priced sets in the LEGO Ninjago Hands of Time wave.

Builds: 2.5/5
Minifigures: 3/5
Playability: 2/5
Price: 2.5/5
Personal Rating: 2/5
TOTAL: 2.4/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below, and do like/share this article! Thanks in advance, I’ll see you in the next post! 😀

VaderFan2187 out! 🙃



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