70609 Manta Ray Bomber Pre-Review!

Hi everyone! Following on from my pre-review of 70608 Master Falls, today I have a pre-review of a $30 USD LEGO Ninjago Movie set, 70609 Manta Ray Bomber!


There are four minifigures in the set, the first two being Cole and Shen-Li. This is the cheapest way to get the LEGO Ninjago Movie Cole. He’s a nice figure and the TLNM Ninja styles have grown on me. Shen-Li is a nice figure too but I wonder how he’s going to hold those buckets like that in real life.


There are also two of Garmadon’s goons in this set. I don’t really like the guy with just a regular hat, but the shark guy is nice. I’m afraid that the shark guy’s helmet is attached to his body armor, though I hope I’m wrong. I like their weapons though, with the recolored fishes. Their tough-guy style heads will also be useful for other minifigures.

Overall, I think that the figures are nothing super special (except Cole) and this set is unlikely to be bought just for the figures. I feel 70608 Master Falls is definitely stronger minifigure-wise.

The main build, of course, is the eponymous Manta Ray Bomber. The back of the box indicates there are several play features.
The first play feature, of course, are the ever-present spring-loaded shooters. Pressing two levers on the top of the ship will fire off two red spring-loaded missiles.
70609-13.jpgI like how the designers built a Manta Ray face for the bomber. The use of wheelguards is very nice. There are also detachable white oars beneath the face which could be used as weapons.
The pilot and gunner sit back-to-back in a Snowspeeder style.
The bombs can be unclipped and dropped, but considering this is a bomber and there is no real feature to make them drop off (other than taking them off manually) this is disappointing.
The top part of the ship can be detached as an escape pod, though that would leave the main vehicle driverless.


The top view highlights the great job done by the designers to ensure a Manta Ray shape.

In conclusion, this set is above average but not a standout. The model itself is nice but doesn’t jump out as a must-get. In addition, the price of $30 USD is too high, and, like 70608, I would only buy it at $25 USD or under. I feel that, overall, the aforementioned Master Falls is a better set.

But what do you think? Let me know in a comment below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😎


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