70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon Pre-Review!

Hello everyone! Mr. LegoFan123 in the comments requested a pre-review of 70617 Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon, so here it is!

There are 8 minifigures in the set.

The first two are L-loyd and Kai. They are both great minifigures and the style of the TLNM figures has certainly grown on me, especially for Lloyd.

Jay and Nya are good figures as well. Nya’s hair looks similar to the TLBM Barbara Gordon 😉 but it is not the same.

Cole and Zane look good too. I must admit I’m not a fan of this Ninjago Movie Cole. Zane is alright though. Do note that in the set, the top of Cole’s hammer is light grey.
Jungle Garmadon is included. He’s a nice figure but he’s included in 70608 Master Falls so he’s nothing special. Also, his legs aren’t dual-molded, which is unfortunate as it means his butt is exposed! 😀
There’s also a statue of a Vermillion Warrior, which is a nice throwback to the Ninjago Hands of Time season.

The back of the box shows that there are quite a lot of play features, making this a great playset.
bg7ligaThere are two Stone Lions included in the set. These are a common sight in Asian countries (some of my older relatives have them) so they add some realism. I like the realistic faces, the use of the Nexo Knights pieces for the feet, and the CCBS shoulder element as the belly. The lower jaw is also attached with 3 Battle Droid arms.
rh0dgpe2.jpgHere’s the first play feature in the set. Upon opening the two large red doors and stepping inside, you can press the Technic lever (on the right above the wheel). This will release a LEGO boulder to smash any unwanted visitors. Quite a warm welcome, I’d say.
3bksmv81.jpgPardon the blurry image. The back of the box indicates that sliding out the rock with the crate on it will cause a trapdoor to be revealed, sending a figure plummeting below. Man, there are traps above and below!
There is also a feature which, when a gear is turned, sends boxes flying down onto the unlucky minifigure in the doorway. DON’T linger in the doorway for too long! 🙂
3bksmv82.jpgThere’s also a smash-open rock face to escape from the jail in the lower left section. In addition, there’s a disc launcher which hits the unlucky minifigure looking at the scroll!
3bksmv83.jpgYou can chop Kai with this swing-out axe opposite the other gear.
rh0dgpe5.jpgIt appears that you have to jump across the Technic axles to get to the crate. Quite cute.
rh0dgpe3.jpgThere’s also a cage to trap Garmadon inside while you ransack the temple.
rh0dgpe4.jpgIn the top section is this strange transparent blue… thing. I honestly don’t know what it is, but perhaps it’ll be revealed in the movie.
The outside of the temple honestly looks brilliant. I love the grey and dark blue color scheme. The designers have really done well.

Of note is the fact that set descriptions apparently seem to indicate that the Ultimate Weapon is the laser pointer found in the Green Ninja Mech Dragon, Garma Mecha Man, and the Destiny’s Bounty. The fact that it is NOT included in this set is strange. Perhaps there is a second, more ultimate weapon (hence the name of this set?) Perhaps that blue thingy is the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon? We’ll find out when the movie releases. 🙂

The price of this set is $100 USD. The model in pictures seems a little small for the price, although 1400 pieces are included which is great price-per-piece.

I think this is a really nice set and you can see the work that went into it, especially the exterior. It’s certainly a fun playset, but if you’re a person who prefers to display your sets (and you have $60 USD extra), then I’d recommend Destiny’s Bounty instead.

Thanks for looking! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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