70745 Anacondrai Crusher Review!

Hi guys! Today I have another LEGO Ninjago review for your reading enjoyment 🙂 This is 70745 Anacondrai Crusher, it was a 2015 Ninjago set that retailed for $19.99 in the US, £17.99 in the UK, $29.99 in Australia, and $39.99 in New Zealand. It contained 219 pieces, so the price-per-part is rather good.

Will it be able to crush all other LEGO Ninjago sets at this price point?

The first minifigure in this set is Kai. This is his outfit during the Tournament of Elements and it is a very bright outfit. Recent Ninjago ninja suits have used a mix of the regular color and black, but this chooses to go fully red. He has a printed Ninja cowl, as well as a neck accessory which holds two katanas.
njo120 6109346.jpg
The second minifigure in the set is Krait. He has Anacondrai tattoos over his exposed chest, as well as detailed prints on his purple legs. I like his tan Anacondrai helmet as well, as it is cleverly shaped to resemble a snake’s head. Krait is armed with an Anacondrai sword; while the piece is not exclusive, it is nonetheless very delightful.
There is a little small sub-build included in the set. It is a little catapult that hurls trans orange 1×1 cones at the Anacondrai Crusher. I do not see how this will possibly stop the Anacondrai vehicle, and seems like a superfluous inclusion thrown in to prop up the piece count.
The main build, the Anacondrai Crusher itself, is certainly better. It is a snake-themed vehicle that has a dark tan and purple color scheme, certainly fitting the Anacondrai Cult.
The Anacondrai Crusher is a one-seater vehicle, and Krait sits in the driver’s seat. Instead of a steering wheel or regular LEGO handlebars, there are two white horn pieces (resembling bones) positioned in a way to resemble handlebars. A minifigure cannot grip these but can be posed as if they are. Also of note is the printed 4×4 radar dish with an Anacondrai design on the big rear wheels.
One cute detail is the engine in front of the driver’s seat. It is a sticker on a black 2×4 tile, and has a bony style. There is a skeleton body attached to clips which can be hinged up to reveal the engine, similar to a real car where the hood is lifted up. A wrench is included should Krait want to fix his vehicle.
There is also a play feature in the mouth; by pushing on a red Technic connector at the back, two flick-fire missiles are fired out of the open mouth. From the description, it seems that these are supposed to be poison darts.
There are also six spinning blades at the front of the Anacondrai Crusher. These are created using six of the dark tan notched swords, which is a welcome piece. The blades spin as the Crusher drives along, Kai will have to be careful!
Here we can see the reason the Anacondrai Crusher’s blades rotate: The swords are mounted on axle joints which are in turn connected to angled wheels beneath. These wheels turn as the vehicle drives, rotating the swords.

I am definitely happy with this set. The price is good, the play features are nice, and the figures aren’t bad either. If you can pick it up for RRP (or below) I think you should.

Builds: 3.5/5
Minifigures: 3/5
Playability: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Personal Rating: 3.5/5
TOTAL: 3.4/5

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VaderFan2187 out! 😃


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