Interview with MKJoshA!

Hello everyone! I hope you remember my old interview with just2good! Today I have another interview, this time with Eurobricks’ Star Wars Regulator, MKJoshA!

1. How long have you been an AFOL?
Josh: Well, I’ve been playing with Lego since I was 3 years old. My first set was a Pirate raft. But I officially picked the hobby back up when I was 20 years old. I was in college and didn’t have a lot of money, but I found some good eBay deals on the old Ninja line and ended up starting my Adult collection of Lego that way. That was 8 years ago and I’ve been building as an AFOL since then.

2. What’s your favorite LEGO theme?
Josh: Even though I’m a fan of all things Star Wars, my favorite Lego theme is actually anything medieval! I’ve always loved Lego’s castle line and I look forward to each time Lego comes up with a new variation on it. My favorite was probably the Fantasy line with the trolls and dwarves, but as long as it has a medieval flavor, I’m a big fan.

Oh wow I would never have guessed! I assumed it would be Star Wars :laugh:

3. I noticed you are a Star Wars Regulator on Eurobricks. Could you possibly share some of the harder things you’ve encountered as Star Wars regulator?
This is a tough one. There’s no one thing that’s hard, but if something hard does come up, it’s usually because people don’t understand the right way to communicate online. When you post something online, people read it without any of the inflections or emotion you intended when you wrote it. This can lead to mis-understanding which is when a Regulator or Moderator has to step in. Another hard thing is knowing when to step in with a gentle reminder or a firm reaction. If someone makes a genuine mistake they usually just need to be reminded of the rules and everything is good. You don’t want to come down hard on that person by accident!

Yeah, online communication definitely doesn’t reflect the tones when spoken. Especially nowadays with so much sarcasm :sceptic:

4. I noticed that you MOC quite a lot (especially for Eurobricks RPGs). What MOC are you most proud of?
Eurobricks RPGs definitely keep me building! I have a number of MOCs that I’m proud of for one reason or another. But the one I think I’m most proud of is my Green Dragon Inn: MKJoshA MOC.jpgIt was the largest MOC I had ever attempted at that time, and I used every last dark tan plate I had in my collection! Before I built it I had only dreamed of being able to build something of this size. I’m proud of how the finished product turned out. I would change a lot now if I were to do it again (like closing off the roof!), but for where I was at with my brick collection and skill level I’m pretty happy with it.

Wow, that is a fantastic MOC @MKJoshA! The roof and wall detailing is fantastic, as are the stone detailing on the ground floor 👍🏻 

5. What’s your favorite LEGO set of all time?
I have a lot of favorite sets, but probably 7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle is my top favorite. The shape of the ship is unique, I love the way it rotates, and the fact that it can hold all 4 minifigures from the set in the cockpit are all reasons it’s always been a favorite. Plus, it has a great line-up of minifigures!

Oh, I’ve never owned that set, but I think it does look pretty good! :classic:

6. What’s your favorite minifigure of all time?

That one’s a lot easier! I’ve always loved the Star Wars Embo minifigure.
He’s a great character in the Clone Wars cartoon, and the way he’s translated into minifigure form is just perfect!

I agree he looks good, definitely ahead of his time!

7. Is there a theme you’ve secretly liked for a long time but never bought?
Well, I haven’t been trying to keep it a secret. But I don’t know if anyone would guess that I’ve always wanted to get into Lego Trains. They just take up too much space and involve a lot of initial cost to get going that I’ve never delved into that theme. I openly buy just about every other theme including Elves, Disney Princess, and Duplo (I have a baby daughter)! So Trains is really my only “hidden” desire.

Oh, I would never have guessed that! I think LEGO trains are cool too but they’re not really that affordable (plus I would need lots of tracks).

8. What’s currently your most-wanted set?
That would probably by 9526, Palpatine’s Arrest. It’s a wonderfully designed play set and it has a fantastic troop of minifigures. Many of the Jedi are only available in Clone-Wars-goofy-eyes format outside of this set. So for my Star Wars MOCs they would make a great addition.

YESS!! I really want that too, too bad I did not buy it back in 2012 (however $160 did, and still does seem to expensive to me)

9. Who’s your favorite LEGO YouTuber?

You know, I don’t actually follow any Lego YouTubers. I occasionally watch TheBrickShow’s reviews. But even then that only happens a few times a year. I’m just not on YouTube all that often. I follow a lot more people on Flickr.

Ah I see. I myself watch a lot of LEGO Youtubers like JANGBRiCKS and just2good.

10. If you could change one thing about LEGO, what would it be?
Make it less addictive? Make it cheaper? I’m really not sure what I would change. I would love to see them bring back Exo-Force, but they kind of are already doing that with the new Ninjago movie. I’d also love to see them come out with certain Collectible Minifigure Series minifigures like Thomas Edison, Napoleon Bonaparte, and a whole line just dedicated to steam-punk! But really, you can create almost anything you want with the Lego that already exists.

Cheaper! True, one aspect they can and should improve 😉

11. What’s your favorite part about Eurobricks?
It’s easily the role playing contests. Before I got involved in Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, I used to build only occasionally. By having regular contests and an on going story I found I had a lot more motivation to build. I love telling a story with my MOCs! Then I found Guilds of Historica, Andromeda’s Gates, and Brethren of the Brick Seas! I’ve created a character for each one and am constantly adding to their lore. With so many on-going stories I always have at least one idea bouncing around my head for the next MOC I want to build. Without Eurobricks, I never would have found the inspiration for my builds.
9424968870_bd49fe6048_oGreat, I love SoNE as well, and will sign up for Andromeda’s Gates II. You could try visiting the Great Brick War one day 😉

Huge thanks to MKJoshA for allowing me to interview him! Check out his Eurobricks account and his Flickr page!

Oh, and do comment below 🙂 Thanks for looking!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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