60119 Ferry Review! ⚓

Hi everyone! Today I have a LEGO City review of 60119 Ferry! This is a 2016 set that retailed for $29.99 in the US, £24.99 in the UK, $44.99 in Australia, and $49.99 in New Zealand.

The set comes with two builds: a small convertible and a ferry.
The convertible is rather simple. There’s nothing much that differentiates it from other LEGO City cars; however, I hadn’t really built a LEGO 4-wide City car before, so the build actually “wow”-ed me with its simplicity and use of fairly generic parts to efficiently form the car. I would have preferred an enclosed car, as I rarely see convertibles where I live and I think a regular sedan/hatchback would be more realistic. Another part I don’t like is how the wheels stick out so much from the mudguards.
The ferry has ramps on either side, they are attached by hinges so they can be lifted and lowered. A car can drive onto the ferry and drive off on the opposite side: just like a real ferry! The ferry was also surprisingly large, it is 34 cm long and I definitely expected it to be shorter!
I am not sure why the floor is green though… too much algae perhaps? 🤢
The roof of the cabin can be removed so that the captain can be placed inside. However, I can’t get him to stand in this position, and there’s no visible way for him to get up there/fit through the opening. Perhaps he has powers of teleportation 🙂

A businesswoman and the ferry captain are included. They’re very plain but help to populate the set I guess.

Overall, this is an average set. I think the price could’ve been raised to $39.99 and possibly a second car could be added for more playability. The price of this set in New Zealand is quite good though!

Builds: 3/5
Minifigures: 2/5
Playability: 2.5/5
Price: 4/5
Personal Rating: 2.5/5
TOTAL: 2.8/5

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VaderFan2187 out! 😃


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