70611 Water Strider Pre-Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have a pre-review of 70611 Water Strider! This is a 2017 LEGO Ninjago Movie set that will retail for $29.99 in the US and 39.99 in Europe. It contains 494 pieces. Should you buy it upon release?

Kai and Nya are the two ninjas included in this set. They are not as detailed as some figures from The LEGO Batman Movie wave but are still very nice. I particularly like Nya’s waist cloth piece.

A pufferfish soldier and a regular soldier are included as well. I like the pufferfish helmet (which has a molded visor) and the fact that the armor piece is separate is great as well. The other soldier is nothing special as he also appears in the smaller 70607 NINJAGO City Chase set. molfzcluymu
The only build included is the Water Strider itself. It is very large for a $30 USD set, which led many to initially believe it would be a $40 USD set. xmmwdju
The back of the box shows off the play features. There are quite a few in the set. Do note that the Water Strider itself stands about 18 cm tall, though I am sure this can be lenghtened/shortened depending on how you position the legs. ielpdql
The first play feature is the fact that the legs can be extended, thus potentially being used to “stride” over the water. The four legs look great, but I am sure the build will be slightly repetetive as a result. Nya fits in the single-person cockpit (which has great handlebars), and the top cockpit section rotates 360 degrees. 4bgxnmt
There is also a rapid stud shooter at the front which is fired by turning this large transparent blue tube at the back. This seems like it could be a tank full of water. The blue flags at the back look quite nice, as do the black tubes.

All in all, this is quite a good set. However, the set immediately goes from ‘good’ to ‘fantastic’ when the price of $30 USD, for 494 pieces, is taken into account. This immediately defeats other $30 USD LEGO Ninjago Movie sets like  70609 Manta Ray Bomber, 70608 Master Falls, and 70610 Flying Jelly Sub, and makes 75170 The Phantom II look like a total joke. It is also nice to see 4 minifigures, two of which are main characters and one of which I believe is exclusive.

So, in conclusion, this set is definitely a great one, and, unless LEGO changes the price, is definitely worth your money when released.

Thanks for looking! Leave your thoughts in a comment below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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