71013-9 Scallywag Pirate Review! ⚓

Ahoy mateys! Today I got a new loot of treasure another CMF Series 16 review: 71013-9 Scallywag Pirate!

The Scallywag Pirate is a decent figure I guess, but a weaker one. I think it’s likely because I’m not a huge fan of pirates, and this isn’t anything special amongst Series 16. When I gave this a passing glance on brickset I thought his pants were dark blue (I have weird eyes!! 🤣) but I was surprised to discover they were dark green! Now that I look again, they’re obviously dark green. Haha.
6160385 6160397
I do like his piratey (is that a word?) face as well as his tattooed arm. His bandana isn’t a bad element either.
His two accessories are a cutlass and a printed map. The cutlass is a little boring but the map is nice.

Overall, a rather weak Series 16 figure but not entirely bad either.

Rating: 3/5

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VaderFan2187 out!! 😃


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