75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack Review!

Today (4th July) is my birthday actually, hehe. But I wasn’t gonna let you guys get bored, so today I have a review of 75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack! This is a 2017 Summer set, it retails for £11.99 in the UK, $14.99 in the U.S., $22.99 in Australia, and $24.99 in New Zealand. I think this is the first Battle Pack to come with four named characters, so it is unlikely that it will be used as an army builder. Still, is it worth your money?

This set excited me (and many other LEGO fans) due to the inclusion of four (yes, four!) named characters. These happen to be the Bounty Hunters that Vader recruits in The Empire Strikes Back, and two of them previously came in the UCS Super Star Destroyer, thus reaching extravagant aftermarket prices. One of them came in a $30 USD set previously, and one is never-seen-before in LEGO. As such I am incredibly grateful for their inclusion and so let’s take a look at them first!

The first figure is IG-88. He has a printed 1×1 round brick on his head, and previously came in the UCS Super Star Destroyer. He is armed with a stud shooter, but a rifle is clipped to his back and you can use that instead. I’m happy to see the rifle included, I will definitely not use the stud shooter! I wish LEGO would supply replacement parts like these in Battle Packs more often.
The second figure included is the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Bossk. Like IG-88, he previously came in the UCS Super Star Destroyer. However, this is a better version in my book, as I prefer the olive green skin and the cool yellow outfit. His printing is good, but the lack of dual-molding seems rather jarring, especially on his legs. Still, due to his inclusion in such an affordable set, this oversight can be overlooked.
Dengar is the third minifigure in the set, and is definitely the least interesting one, having previously appeared in 75145 Eclipse Fighter. Still, he’s a good minifigure and I like his torso printing. The only downside is the inclusion of just a stud shooter, as he should have a blaster as well in my opinion.
The fourth minifigure in the set is 4-LOM, hitherto unseen in LEGO form. His character is a protocol droid who went rogue and became a bounty hunter, therefore it is fitting to see printing which resembles a protocol droid’s. However, he usually has a bounty hunting partner Zuckuss, who is unfortunately omitted in this set. I would rather have seen Zuckuss here instead of Dengar. I like 4-LOM’s pearl dark silver body and silver head, but it is unfortunate he is armed with a stud shooter.
There is one build included in the set, which is a speeder bike. Unfortunately the bike only sits one, and I would have liked at least two to be able to sit. Do note that there are two large cylinders with 1×1 trans dark blue cones at the tips, I wonder what those are supposed to represent. Blasters?
In addition to the trans blue cones, there are also four laser cannons and two stud shooters. The cannons are attached to handlebar pieces, while the stud shooters are secured in place by 1×2 curved slope pieces.
There is also a single thruster at the back, formed using a LEGO Technic element. In front of the pilot seat, there is a miniscule windscreen made up of two 1×1 trans clear cheese slopes. Strangely, the handlebar is a 1×2 plate with bar, which regular minifigures cannot grip! This seems to indicate IG-88 (the only one who can grip it) should be the speeder bike driver, but IG-88 cannot sit in the seat! This is perhaps the strangest aspect of the set but it is relatively minor as it is easy to swap out the parts for a usual handlebar. There is also a backpack attached on the back of the speeder that a minifigure can be equipped with. It is also worth noting that, while not too detailed, the speeder is rather large, certainly for a Battle Pack build.

All in all, this set is absolutely marvellous, and, apart from the lack of army building potential, is definitely the best LEGO Star Wars battle pack ever! The inclusion of 4-LOM is reason enough to justify the purchase of this set but LEGO went all-out and chose to include four named characters in this set! Furthermore, the speeder is nicely sized and the price is reasonable. Definitely a set I would recommend!

Build: 2.5/5
Minifigures: 5/5
Playability: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Personal Rating: 4.5/5
TOTAL: 3.9/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below!

VaderFan2187 out! 🙃


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