75175 A-wing Starfighter Review!

Hello everyone! 😀 Today I have a review of 75175 A-wing Starfighter! This is a 2017 Winter Star Wars set that retailed for $39.99 in the US, £44.99 in the UK, $79.99 in Australia, and $89.99 in New Zealand. This seems like a pretty high price, but let’s see if the set can justify that.

Let’s first take a look at the minifigures.

The first figure in the set is the highly-awaited Lando Calrissian. He has a nice sand blue cape and a reversible head, along with a great printed orange torso. He’s not a super-detailed figure (like Batgirl from TLBM) but his overall look is good and I’m happy to have a new LEGO Lando.

The other two minifigures in this set are an A-wing pilot and a Rebel Technician. Unlike the previous version from 2013, this new Ep. 6 A-wing Pilot wears bright green. I really like the updated printing and the great helmet, although the generic head kind of lets the overall figure down. The Rebel Technician is an okay figure but I believe it is quite accurate, and I like the torso and leg print. Again, the head is generic, but it is not as common as the A-wing pilot’s head.

Three minifigures in a $89.99 NZD set seems rather low, especially since the previous A-wing (2013) was $50 NZD and had 3 minifigures, two of which were main characters. lego_75175_web_pri_1488
The main build is the eponymous A-wing Starfighter. The overall shaping is rather similar to the Rebels A-wing from 2016, albeit with one major difference. 75175_alt3
As with all LEGO A-wings, the cockpit hinges open. This works well but is far from impressive. lego_75175_web_sec02_1488
There’s also a storage compartment in the back. However, this feels like a wasted area just to store a small pistol. The finishing in this section is also rather crude as well.
There’s foldable landing gear as well, but they aren’t flat when completely retracted. 75175_alt21-e1498521332690.jpgThere are also laser cannons on either side which rotate 360º. They look good but are on the skinnier side. lego_75175_web_sec04_1488
As with many Star Wars sets, there are projectiles in this set, which are the spring-loaded shooters. I am pleased to report that they are well hidden beneath the craft and the activators are Technic beams which are not obnoxious/overly obvious. Upon pressing these activators, the missiles fire out and this is a very satisfying feature. This is also the most significant difference from the 2016 Rebels A-wing as that model had a different, far more complex firing method. I personally prefer the simpler method as they work equally well.lego_75175_web_sec05_1488In a poorly-concealed effort to inflate the perceived value, LEGO has thrown in a maintenance speeder. It’s okay I guess but nothing special.

It comes in two parts: the speeder itself and a ladder. Again, nothing special.

Ultimately, the fatal flaw of this set is its price. When I first saw the set I thought it would be $29.99 USD, £29.99 GBP, $49.99 AUD and $69.99 NZD, and even that would be high. The price that it currently is at ($89.99 NZD) is far, far too high, and this is unfortunate as otherwise this is quite a well made set.

Builds: 4/5
Minifigures: 3.5/5
Playability: 3.5/5
Price: 2/5
Personal Rating: 3/5
TOTAL: 3.2/5

Thanks for looking! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below 🙂 Do you agree with my rating, or do you think it was too harsh?

See you in the next post!

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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  1. The only appeal here for me is Lando, Its quite similar to the rebels one which I managed to get for only £45 (with Vaders tie) and £45 for just one a-wing is poor.

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