I got banned from Eurobricks… :(

Hi everyone,

I’m here to talk to all of you from the LEGO forum Eurobricks. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been banned from there.

It was because I posted a set image watermarked [CONFIDENTIAL]. Other members were posting links to the images so I wanted to be helpful by embedding it but NOPE! insta-ban.

My past discussions with the moderators were not particularly great so I saw this day coming, but I feel incredibly, incredibly saddened nonetheless. I really, really love the community there and I love checking the site and chatting with other members there daily. I also run a number of “Best Minifigure” games which have now been cut short.

To all of you from Eurobricks,

I wish you all the best. Post wisely, and tolerate what the mods do. They’re the boss after all, and it’s best to just let things be. God bless you all.

Heartfelt goodbyes,


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  1. Ugh. While I agree that you need to be punished for breaking the rules, a ban is harsh, especially when this seems like your first offense.

    But what else should we expect from the ridiculously overbearing moderating over there?

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    1. Thank you Gremer. Yes, this is my first time posting a confidential image, though I have been chambered before (like for going offtopic)

      Oh well, the moderation is what it is. I don’t see any change happening as they all vigorously deny anything in the “Some Rude Moderators” thread. 😦

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  2. That should be agree, not deserve.

    If it wasn’t for SvL and the fact the Eurobrickers are the first to pick up on news, I wouldn’t even go there anymore. It’s not fun.

    You’re welcome at the Brickset forums though. I really enjoyed watching the Best Minifigure polls, even though I rarely participated. Maybe you could start them back up there?

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      1. I would absolutely participate whenever I could. My keyboard doesn’t work right on Eurobricks, so I had to write answer somewhere else and copy and paste them, which is a bit of a hassle. Works fine on Brickset though.

        I agree with you about it being bigger and better, especially for polls.

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      1. Yeah. I’m not as worried about other people’s typos, because everyone makes mistakes. I just dislike making them myself, because they’e usually easily avoidable.

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  3. Just saw your message to me on Eurobricks. Thanks, that means a lot to me. I’ll always be following your blog! Hope to see you recover from this and get back to doing what you do best. Lego!!!

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  4. Hey, it’s me JDbricks.

    Sorry you got banned, man. Rules are rules, but this sucks. 😦
    I’ll be visiting this site more often now, though.

    God bless.

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  5. This is taking up three posts now! Just saw the topic in which you were banned. That’s really unfair, I assumed it was the Star Wars forum because I know they have harsh mods there. But wow, so unfair 😦

    On a happjer note, check out your profile page on Eurobricks, many are leaving you tributes/messages!

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    1. Lol no problem, comment as many times as you want! πŸ˜€

      And yes, I’ve checked my profile quite regularly, it’s so heartwarming πŸ˜„ I just wish I could reply and let them know I’m reading it.


  6. Hi mate, I really feel for you. The moderators are the biggest issue with the site though some are definitely better than others. I hope to speak with you again and I appreciate your final message πŸ™‚

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  7. Hey vaderfan1287. Sorry you got banned. I’m a little surprised it happened on the SciFi forum. Maybe you’ll be able to return one day.

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  8. Man, that sucks. I’m guessing the executioner was from the “US of A”. This has nothing to do with tarnishing EB’s “goodstanding” relationship with TLG but purely a blatant abuse of (perceived) power. If that was the case then the very person who openly claims to share their leaky info from someone on the inside should be banned. Ironic that the moderation of EB’s Star Wars forum resembles that of the galactic empire.

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    1. Well honestly it is part of EB’s relationship with TLG, hence the huge sentence on posting confidential images. I do understand their point of view, but I don’t see why linking to the confidential images is allowed. Oh well. The moderation definitely needs change though.


  9. Meh, what happened? Oh nvm.

    You’ll be missed. Minifigurr games in licensed thread just getting started and ppl are loving it.

    Did you contact any Mod? Or is there a way you can get back in EB? Let me know if I can help.


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    1. Hi SpiderJazz! I’m quite sad I was never able to finish the Best Minifigure game, quite unfortunate 😦

      Sadly, as much as I want it to happen, I don’t see myself coming back. I’ll probably ask them in a year or so, but they won’t even change my profile picture back to my old one so it’s unlikely.

      Best wishes


  10. Sorry to hear that mate.

    Your games were the reason that I was checking their forums multiple times a day.

    Keep up the great work on your site though and I’ll keep checking it everyday.

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  11. Sorry to see you were banned bud! Really enjoyed watching the outcome of the minifig competition posts and you were a big part of the community!

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    1. Yep, thanks. Tbh I don’t have a lot to post there though, I’m not a huge LEGO investor and that seems to be the main discussion from what I’ve seen. 😦


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