70903 The Riddler Riddle Racer Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have a review of the Riddler Riddle Racer! (check out the alliteration). This is a 2017 LEGO Batman Movie set that retailed for £29.99 GBP, $29.99 USD, $49.99 AUD, and $59.99 NZD. It contains 254 pieces, which seems slightly low for the price, but includes a whopping five minifigures. Is it worth the price tag?

Let’s take a look at the minifigures first.


The first minifigure is, of course, Batman. He appears in almost every LEGO Batman Movie set, but this version (with this particular head) appears in only 4 sets so far. I like his stern expression and the inclusion of a Batarang, which was unfortunately not included in 70900 The Joker’s Balloon Escape.


The second minifigure is my favourite in the set, the eponymous Riddler. This is easily the definitive version of the Batman villain, with a brand new hat-and-hair bold and fantastic question mark printing. It is a shame that his legs are unprinted but it might have looked too complicated if the printing continued down to the legs. I like his devious grin and angry expression on the other side. He has a question mark cane, of which the green part is a brand new mold.


The third minifigure is Calendar Man. He has not one, but two new capes, and they are printed with numbers to represent a calendar! I like his dual-bolded legs and his torso, along with the printed swimming cap. It is a shame, however, that he has no accessories, as a printed 2×2 calendar would’ve been nice. Calendar Man is the only minifigure in this set without an alternate face.


The fourth minifigure is Magpie, a thief with an eye for shiny stuff. She wears a long dress, quite unlike the usual style her character dresses in. I like her amor piece as well as her white hair. She is armed with two pieces of dynamite. Check out her angrier alternate face.


The fifth (and final) minifigure is Kite-Man, who has consistently proven to be a silly foe for Batman. He is seen quite a bit during the battle at the Energy Facility as he ferries other villains around, though you may have missed him. He has a happy grin on one side and an angrier, more determined expression on the other side. His yellow helmet also has a print in the shape of a kite. I quite like this figure, and his face can be repurposed easily.

There are two builds in the set, the first of which is Kite-Man’s kite glider. 70903 Kite-ManThe wings at the back can be hinged back and forth, though I think they look best when almost horizontal. Kite-Man fits in, and since kites are one of the most important part of the villain, I am pleased to see one included. There are yellow lights at the back to represent thrusters, and Kite-Man attaches to the jetpack using a harness piece and a clear neck bracket.70903_alt2The main build, is, of course, the Riddle Racer. It is a vintage-like racer with green, white, and dark green colors. I like the clever use of windows as headlights. 70903_alt3Apart from driving it around, there is only one play feature. Tilting the rear of the car backwards (the engine section) will reveal two spring-loaded shooters. 70903 play featurePressing on the tails will fire off the missiles into the air. However, they fire too high upwards and I feel it is not very useful for attacking other minifigures. I do like the use of zipline pieces as rearview mirrors, though the dark grey color does not really match. I also applaud the brick-built engine and the clever use of the Speed Champions canopy as the engine cover.

70903 imageAs you can see, this set seems pretty good at face value. However, I personally feel that the racer does not really relate to the Riddler apart from the color scheme, in contrast to many of the other LEGO Batman Movie villain vehicles. The model itself is pretty unremarkable, lacking in play features, and small for the price, and hence I feel LEGO had to throw in Kite-Man, Calendar Man and Magpie just to make the set seem “worth it”. Personally, I think the only reason to get this set would be the minifigures, and the price of admission is too high in my opinion.

Builds: 2.5/5
Minifigures: 4.5/5
Playability: 2/5
Price: 2.5/5
Personal Rating: 2.5/5
TOTAL: 2.8/5

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this set? Do you feel I was too harsh? Let me know in a comment below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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