[MOC] Mighty Micros: War Machine vs. Extremis Soldier!

Hi everyone! This is my second post in my LEGO Mighty Micros MOC series. It is War Machine vs. Extremis Soldier!

It is very loosely based on Iron Man 3 (but kind of not really) and contains two builds: an Extremis helicopter and War Machine’s tank.

Mighty Micros- War Machine vs. Extremis Soldier.lxf

The “set” contains 77 pieces.

Stage an extreme battle between War Machine and the Extremis Soldier. War Machine has a powerful tank and a shoulder cannon to help him pursue the evil Extremis Soldier. Who will win in this awesome Mighty Micros Battle?

  • Includes 2 minifigures with mini legs: War Machine and the Extremis Soldier.
  • War Machine’s tank features two powerful rear exhausts.
  • The Extremis helicopter features an adjustable and rotating propeller.
  • Both vehicles have turning wheels.
  • War Machine has a shoulder-mounted stud shooter.
  • Accessories included include the Extremis Soldier’s gun.
  • Makes a fun gift for young superheroes.

Thanks for looking! What do you think of the “set”? Which vehicle do you prefer? Let me know in a comment below 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


4 thoughts on “[MOC] Mighty Micros: War Machine vs. Extremis Soldier!

Add yours

  1. Love these. I’d have to pick the helicopter as my favourite due to the shape of it’s body, although I think a splash of another green colour might help 🙂

    Love Rhodes’s facial expression! Does LDD have those heads in it’s memory, or did you custom make them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah I feel the helicopter is a little bit on the boring side with its use of just one color.

      And yeah the heads are already in LDD, though they’re quite limited. Mostly from CMFs, I just find the goofier ones 😀


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