Ranking the Thor: Ragnarok minifigures!

Hi everyone! I’m sure you saw the ranking the Justice League figures post yesterday! Well, today I’m back with ranking the Thor: Ragnarok figures! The images of the figures will accompany images of the movie characters (if applicable).



This is the only Thor: Ragnarok minifigure that I was unable to find a movie version of. This minifigure isn’t terrible by any means, as the torso and the head are very nicely detailed. However, the unprinted legs make the minifigure look stupid (unprinted legs should not be a thing in this age) and the lack of appearance in movie material released so far seems to hint that we might not see his character for too long. If he had printed legs that were as intricate as his torso printing, I’d like him a lot more.


Look, I normally don’t like ranking main characters so low down, but I feel the Grandmaster deserves it. First problem: his hair piece is completely wrong. It does not resemble the on-screen hairstyle at all. Secondly, his facial expression, a devious grin, doesn’t match Jeff Goldblum or any of his expressions in the trailer(s) so far. And finally, despite the accurate torso, his legs are unprinted! Ugh! So sick of unprinted legs.


Hmm… where do I begin? I quite like the jagged weapons used and the cool torso printing, but I feel the head looks weird and [sigh] unprinted legs. The horns on the characters’ backs are also just a single horn, which honestly looks strange. Not a horrible footsoldier, but nothing special.

#7: LOKI

Loki. God of Mischief. What’s the first thing you can note about this figure? (you should know the protocol by now…) unprinted legs. 🙄 The issue isn’t as serious on this figure, as the outfit in the movie is quite plain around the legs, but there are other flaws. First, the torso and legs seem a bit too blue in comparison to the one in the trailer. Also, the Loki helmet mold has not been updated, and I would have liked to see a more screen-accurate mold with hair poking out of the back. His devious smile is certainly better than the 2012 one, and I like his alternate head, but they still haven’t nailed Tom Hiddleston’s look just yet.


Unprinted legs seem to be a trend in this wave, but somehow I never noticed it until now. It isn’t too terrible for Valkyrie though, as her pants are rather plain in the movie. I do think it would’ve been nice to get some lines printed though. Her blue cloth is okay, though a little bright, but her hairpiece isn’t that great and her face print doesn’t look too accurate either. I would’ve preferred a more serious look and less of that slight smile, or maybe (if the hair mold was changed), a reversible head with an angrier expression.


Thor isn’t a bad figure at all. However, I prefer the other Sakaar version of him, and his regular titanium armor looks a bit plain without the red markings. While I feel he’s not bad, I still think he looks a little too plain and the other version of him is better.


Ahh yes! Bruce Banner! A highly-requested MCU minifigure that is finally here! He’s an okay figure, and I think his hair is a pretty reasonable approximation. He looks a bit plain but that’s kind of how Bruce Banner looks in the movie, right? The only part which I think he needs work on is his head. It doesn’t look very Mark Ruffalo. Still, it’s a figure that has been asked for for a long time, and it’s finally here, so I ranked it quite high.


In my opinion, this is the better of the two Thor figures from this wave. Sure, he loses the cool cape, but he gets a nice sword-holder, as well as splashes of color on his armor, which make him look like a more interesting figure. I do wish he had the weapons from the trailer, though, and not just two katanas.

#2: HELA

Hela yeah! This is one of my favorite minifigures from the Thor: Ragnarok wave. Yeah, she gets unprinted legs, and yeah, the skin on the top of her torso is mismatched in terms of color, but her awesome new helmet mold, while slightly inaccurate, makes up for the shortcomings! It looks really really good! Plus the fact that she comes with a reversible head and an extra hairpiece for the helmetless Hela look. I do wish she had printed legs, though.


Yeah! This guy is my favorite figure in the entire Thor: Ragnarok lineup! LEGO really went all-out with this figure in my opinon. I know many complained about his bright blue pauldron (I did as well) but I think that’s the only bad part about the figure, since the rest is pretty much perfect. I like how LEGO brought back the molded toes, while his printed chest and shiny helmet are great bonuses as well. To top it all off, his brick-built weapons are actually quite accurate!

Thanks for looking at my list! What’s your favorite Thor: Ragnarok minifigure? Let me know in a comment below! 😉

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


5 thoughts on “Ranking the Thor: Ragnarok minifigures!

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  1. Great article, not sure whether to pick these up or not. Really want to like the movie and probably will.

    What is it with the lack of leg printing? I know the usual reasoning is to keep costs down but then I see the Lego Batman Movie minifigures series and all but two or three had leg printing and there were even a couple with dual moulded legs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah the lack of leg printing really bugs me, especially on ones with super-detailed torsos like the Sakaarian Guard.

      CMFs are generally more detailed than regular minifigures, since they’re made in China.

      As for the regular Batman Movie set minifigures, I think LEGO may have used a bit too much of their budget on those sets, as the 2018 DC Superhero sets’ minifigures use many reused elements from previous sets (Wonder Woman’s face/legs/hair, Batman’s head from JL, Lex Luthor’s head) and many unprinted legs :/


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