75176 Resistance Transport Pod Pre-Review!

Hello everyone! Today I have a pre-review of 75176 Resistance Transport Pod! This is a 2017 The Last Jedi set and, while I do not know the piece count, I believe it will retail for $29.99 USD, £29.99 GBP, $59.99, AUD, and $69.99 NZD, based on the box size and the €39.99 price provided by Sir von Lego.

There are three minifigures included in the set: Rose, Finn, and BB-8. 75176 Resistance Transport Pod MinifiguresRose, portrayed by Kelly-Marie Tran in the December 2017 film, has many new parts. Her hair is a new mold (though I did initially wonder if they would use the NINJAGO Movie Nya’s hair), and her face, torso, and legs have new prints. Being a Chinese person, I am excited to see another Asian Star Wars character, and am pleased this new character is available in the cheapest TLJ set.
Finn is back, and I believe this is the cheapest way to get his minifigure. He has many updated prints: his head has a happy smile (which suits John Boyega) and his torso depicts a white undershirt, when it was previously black. His legs were previously an unprinted black but now they are grey and have some brown printing. He wields a silver blaster which I believe has only been used in the LEGO world previously by Phasma and Krennic. I feel this figure is a big improvement over the TFA one and am glad to see his appearance in a relatively affordable set.
BB-8 is the final figure, and this is the cheapest set everyone’s favorite astromech (sorry R2) has appeared in. I think he is unchanged from his TFA version, but I don’t mind as I don’t have a LEGO BB-8 yet.

I like the minifigures included in the set, and this is a good set to get for a The Last Jedi minifigure collection.

On to the build!75176 Resistance Transport Pod Box BackThe back of the box indicates there are quite a few play features for a model of this size. 75176 Resistance Transport Pod full setFirst things first, though, this Resistance Transport Pod bears an uncanny resemblance to the 2016 Resistance Troop Transport‘s cockpit. Could this mean that the cockpit of the Troop Transporter can split off, or is the Resistance just reusing ship components?

One complaint I have due to that comparison was that the Troop Transporter cost $130 NZD and was already slightly on the pricey side. This set is about a third (in terms of size) of that set, but costs a whopping $70 NZD. This is blatant daylight robbery by LEGO and is very disappointing, as the set itself, as you will see, is excellently designed. 75176 Resistance Transport Pod Fire the Stud ShooterThere is a stud shooter on the right side of the ship. It is next to a cannon barrel to imitate the cannon shooting. I don’t mind the stud shooter that much as it is not used as a minifigure accessory and looks reasonable. 75176 Resistance Transport Pod Geared MechanismHowever, turning the engine on the back will cause the cannon to rotate up and down! I completely did not expect such a play feature and am thus very happy to see LEGO going the extra mile to cram in another play feature. 75176 Resistance Transport Pod Fire the Spring-Loaded ShooterThere are two spring-loaded shooters near the stud shooter cannon. These are fired by turning on the Technic disk underneath, a mechanism reminiscent of the technique used to open the Resistance Troop Transporter’s cockpit. Again, LEGO didn’t have to use a firing mechanism, but they went the extra mile and I really, really appreciate that. 75176 Resistance Transport Pod Storage and Seats The printed yellow canopy is removable and the cockpit seats two. LEGO used the bucket handle as a control yoke again 🙂 also next to the cockpit, there’s a place to store extra studs that has a removable lid. Such an efficient use of space by the designers!75176 Resistance Transport Pod Astromech SocketThere’s a space (with detachable lid) to store BB-8 and – presumably – accessories. This section also houses the gear mechanism for the side cannon. If you look at the engine, you can see the use of 4 gunmetal grey macaroni tubes used to form the rounded rectangle shape, as well as 4 translucent blue minifigure heads. These elements are delightful and I am pleased to see them here. 75176 Resistance Transport PodThis section shows that the curved portion behind the cockpit is a removable lid, and it has storage for two thermal detonators and what I think is a blaster. This is yet another example of space well used.

Overall, the Resistance Transport Pod is an awesome model. Every inch of space is used efficiently (as far as the LEGO medium allows), the projectiles are well incorporated (especially the spring-loaded shooters), the minifigures are delightful, and the ability to store all of them in the model is something I personally love a lot. This is a level of quality designing that I hope to see LEGO continue to uphold, as it definitely fits their motto “Only the Best is Good Enough!”

The deal-breaker, however, is the price. I thought 75170 The Phantom II was very overpriced, but the price of this is complete BS. Despite the model being fantastic, I cannot recommend this set with a clear conscience. The model is miniscule for $30 USD/£30 GBP/$60 AUD/$70 NZD, and would be considered small at $25 USD/£20 GBP/$40 AUD/$50 NZD already. I would have to wait for a 40% off sale before I can honestly say “this is good value”. Sadly, it looks like the lowest price I will be able to pay is 25% off at around $51 NZD, as 25% is usually the best deal one can get in New Zealand 😦 For LEGO to charge such astronomical prices is incredibly disheartening, and I may write to them about it. Nonetheless, I think I will, with a heavy heart, eventually buy this set, because I really love the models and figures.

That concludes my pre-review of this set! Thank you very much for reading, and be sure to comment below as I always enjoy reading your comments 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


13 thoughts on “75176 Resistance Transport Pod Pre-Review!

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  1. When I first saw the pictures of this.. I was exactly like you.. isn’t this the cockpit piece of the resistence transport? Oddly enough, last night I built the transport and did comparison’s to the cockpit and the pictures online, and the only real different is the width..

    If I didn’t have the transport this would have been an easy buy for me. Also I just want the Kelly-Marie Tran figure.. even though this is a new Finn figure, I have 3 of them, and 3 BB one’s. Unless this goes on a good sale depending on what the MSRP here in Canada is for this small set, hope it is not priced like the Ghost.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah I agree it looks oddly familiar to the Resistance Troop Transport’s cockpit…

      Perhaps you can buy the Rose figure on Bricklink.com if that’s the only thing you want 🙂

      Cheers! 😀


  2. Looks to be about as big as the Phantom 2, with a minifigure selection of the same size and quality, so at least the price wasn’t unexpected.

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  3. I agree with almost everything you’ve said here. I saw those expected retail prices and thought “Wow, that’s steep.” I know they have to pay licensing fees and all that, but Star Wars sets are already pricey enough without them gouging on top of it. Ridiculous.
    Having said that, this more than bears out my impressions of it as a great little set. If it were cheaper I’d buy it simply for that trans yellow canopy, even without the great selection of minifigures. Having all those play features tucked into it and the other new element colours is icing on the cake.
    Pity about that price, though.

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  4. I didn’t really care for this set when the pictures were first revealed, but after yesterday’s leaks I love this set!
    All the compartments are great, and I totally didn’t see the turning stud shooter mechanism and spring-loaded shooter firing mechanism coming! Wow, that was a big sentence. 😀
    All the new part colours (blue heads and macaroni) are excellent.
    HOWEVER, I won’t be getting this set as it is way too expensive for what it is, unless there’s a massive sale!!!
    Sigh. One can only dream XD

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    1. I love it too (though I don’t believe the blue heads/macaroni tubes are new colors) and yeah I adore it soo much but the price is such a dealbreaker. LEGO almost made the perfect set 😦


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