76053 Gotham City Cycle Chase Review!

Hello everyone! Today I have a review of a 2016 DC Comics Superheroes set: 76053 Gotham City Cycle Chase! This is a set that retailed for Β£19.99 GBP, $19.99 USD, $39.99 AUD and $49.99 NZD. It contains 224 pieces and 3 minifigures.

Most people will buy this for the figures, I think. Let’s look at them first.

The first minifigure is Batman himself. He is updated for 2016, I believe, and has a soft spongey cape along with his newer cowl. His torso printing is not bad, but I don’t like how tanned his head looks, and dual-molded black boots would’ve been nice. He has a double-sided head that was also used in the BvS sets, and he comes with a grappling gun and a silver batarang.

The second minifigure is Harley Quinn. She resembles the one from the 2016 Suicide Squad film more closely than all her predecessors, and I think this is one of my favorite Harley Quinn minifigure (not counting the TLBM ones, those are easily better). However, I do wish she had dual-molded legs, as the red/blue pattern on her legs don’t look too good without it.

The final minifigure is Deadshot. The character also appears in the Suicide Squad film, albeit in a different costume. I like the intricate printing all over him down to the small guns on the arms. However, the main letdown is the lack of dual-molding for his legs. They would be greatly improved with it.

All in all, the three figures in the set are pretty good, and will likely cause many a DC fan to part with their money for this set.

However, I am not a person who will buy a set with crappy builds just for the figures. I mean, I have done it a couple of times before (mainly for Star Wars, as well as 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase) but I like sets with good builds a lot more than those without. After all, LEGO should be about the builds as well! πŸ˜‰

How good are the builds in this set?

The first build is a small brick-built jetpack for Deadshot. I really like the way it’s built up, with a very clever use of pieces. A brick-built one is also more poseable than a molded one. Deadshot also comes with a huge stud-shooting bazooka. This I’m not such a fan of, as I would’ve preferred two small guns for him. 76053_alt2The second build is this big Batcycle. It has really large, chunky wheels and a few details worth taking a look at. 76053_alt4Batman grips the handlebars. I’m not a fan of how he “sits” (if that word even applies) in the cycle, it frankly looks bad and makes him look like he’s clinging on for dear life. Not something badass like you’d typically expect from Batman. I get that the minifigure restrictions don’t really help, but I feel the bike is a bit oversized, causing his inability to properly sit inside.
Also note the two rear-mounting stud shooters, presumably representing exhausts, that have clips to hold both of Batman’s weapons. 76053_alt3However, as those stud shooters are mounted on ball joints, they can be angled forward to attack targets in front. The stud shooters don’t look that great honestly but they aren’t terrible I suppose. 76053_alt5
The other build in the set is Harley Quinn’s bike. It has a blue and red color scheme, and Harley can actually sit inside. I do feel it looks a bit stupid with the enormous front wheel and the small back wheel. 76053_alt6You can clip her hammer at two different spots on the right side. This allows her to swing it forward/backward or left/right. Apart from that, the cycle is rather devoid of play features.

76053-1Personally, I feel this is not that great a set. The figures are quite good, but the two motorcycles themselves are uninteresting and devoid of play features (they remind me of 70622 Desert Lightning). I think whether or not you should get this is determined by how much you like those figures. The two bikes also aren’t large enough to justify the price tag IMO.

Builds: 2/5
Minifigures: 4.5/5
Playability: 2/5
Price: 2.5/5
Personal Rating: 2.5/5
TOTAL: 2.6/5

Thanks for looking! What do you think of the set! Let me know in a comment below πŸ˜‰

VaderFan2187 out! πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “76053 Gotham City Cycle Chase Review!

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  1. Good review!

    I had the chance to get this set, but opted for the bvs batmobile instead due to a better looking build. However, I do like the design of his bike in this set, but Harley’s bike is pretty poor.


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