70908 The Scuttler Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have a review of 70908 The Scuttler! This is a 2017 LEGO Batman Movie set which retailed for £84.99 in the UK, $79.99 in the US, $149.99 in Australia, and $169.99 in New Zealand. Reviews of this set were largely positive and I am quite excited to see whether or not it can meet my expectations.

Sets like this usually are sold because of the excellent builds, but this set includes 6 minifigures, which I shall take a look at first.

The first two minifigures are Batman and the incredibly adoptable Robin. Batman is nothing special and appears in cheap sets like 70900 The Joker’s Balloon Escape. I’m not the biggest fan of this variant’s face, but there’s nothing too bad about this figure otherwise.
Dick Grayson/Robin is the other figure. Instead of wearing his Robin costume, Dick Grayson is in his Winter Gala choir outfit, which is sparkly all over and has a bowtie. I like all the little glitter spots on his torso and hands, and his goggles do not have a green tinge to them! Instead, the area around his big eyes are flesh-colored, and only appear otherwise in the Dick Grayson CMF.

The next two minifigures are father-and-daughter duo, Commissioner Gordon and Barbara Gordon. The retired Commish has a nice stylish blue outfit with a red sash. I like his new hairpiece, as well as his arm printing. It must be said, however, that his legs are sadly unprinted, and the CMF version of him appeared for a longer time in the movie.
Barbara Gordon is based on the version at the winter gala. I like her hairpiece, which has a golden hairband, and her nice printed legs. Her arms are dual-molded which is great, and her printed bulletproof vest is not bad, though I feel it makes her look a bit strange in terms of height. Sadly, the torso underneath is not printed. I wish it was printed with a “Harvard for Police” slogan.

Here’s the Joker, who looks very similar to the one in 70900 The Joker’s Balloon Escape. His head, however, is different, and is the one from 70906 The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider. He has crazily long coattails, a great hair mold, and detailed torso printing. His reversible head has a toothed grin on one side and a huge smile on the other. Batman’s Worst Enemy is armed with a gag gun, though he used two when he crashed the Commissioner’s retirement party.

I’ve saved the best for last here: Poison Ivy is hands down the greatest minifigure in this set, and is one of the best figures from the LEGO Batman Movie line. From her printed dual-molded arms, to her brand new hairpiece, she oozes quality, and let’s not forget her printed torso, legs, and her new fabric skirt. She comes with a mini build that has vines everywhere. It has a 1×1 transparent round brick and a 3×3 transparent radar dish underneath to help it stand.

Batman gets a jetpack in this set. It attaches via his feet and has space for his utility belt. It’s a bit too oversized and looks slightly stupid. The engine pods are mounted on ball joints and thus are very poseable, though they look rather plain. Not the biggest fan of this jetpack. 70908_alt2But of course, you aren’t buying the set for the jetpack, you’re buying it for the eponymous Scuttler! This vehicle appeared for quite some time in the LEGO Batman Movie, and depicts a bat walking on its wings. It can transform into the Black Thunder Batwing, I believe. 70908_alt6It has an opening cockpit which seats one (because last time he checked, Batman only had one butt). The use of the helicopter canopy here is quite nice, though a translucent yellow one might have been good to match the rest of the LEGO Batman vehicles. The head is mounted on a ball joint and is quite poseable. There is one stud shooter on each side of the head. 70908_alt4There are also two stud shooters on each leg, bringing the total number of stud shooters on the Scuttler to 6. I’m not a fan of how they are placed on the leg, as they jut out quite a bit. There are also some yellow lights on the legs and body, which I feel look a little out of place. Also, you can see that the Scuttler’s cockpit glass leaves a gap, something which often happens when this particular canopy piece is used.70908_alt5A net shooter sits behind the cockpit, which you can fire off at villains. Also notice how the leg positions seem to have changed? 70908 legs extendedThat’s because you can extend the legs! Frankly, I don’t like how it looks with the extended legs, as the thin, light grey Technic section (with holes!!) looks odd, and suddenly jumps up to a much fatter lower leg. This feature works in theory but the implementation leaves something to be desired. The front feet are connected with dual ball joints, which is a pretty cool use of those joints but honestly it looks a little ugly. The back legs look a little better but still look slightly strange, as they look like they’re standing on their toenails. :/ 70908_alt3Behind the cockpit, there’s the body here. It has a very nicely built engine which cleverly uses the shorter astromech droid legs from Star Wars, and two red grilles which probably mean the engine is hot! You can store Batman’s jetpack here, or cram the other three protagonist minifigures. Just don’t touch the engine!

In conclusion, this set seemed quite exciting at first, but its execution was, in my opinion, not great. I feel the overall look of the set is a bit messy, the play features aren’t the greatest, and there are other LEGO Batman Movie sets which are better. The price is quite high, though not as much in the U.S., where this set is the same price as the Star Wars U-wing. In New Zealand, however, it costs just as much as Krennic’s Shuttle, and the Shuttle is cheaper than the Scuttler in the UK! Perhaps if the price was lower, I would like it more. The minifigures, however, are fantastic, and this probably has one of the best minifigure selections in the LEGO Batman Movie line.

Builds: 2.5/5
Minifigures: 5/5
Playability: 2.5/5
Price: 2/5
Personal Rating: 2.5/5
TOTAL: 2.9/5

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below 😀 See you in the next post!

VaderFan2187 out! 😉


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  1. Nice review

    This is the best LEGO Batman Movie set so far

    The Poison Ivy minifigure is just astonishing.
    Would have been better with a minor villain instead of the Joker, like Clock King or something


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