30607 Disco Batman & Tears of Batman Promotional Polybag Review!

Hi everyone! Today I have a review of a LEGO Batman Movie polybag: Disco Batman & Tears of Batman! This was free with qualifying purchases at shop.LEGO.com, February 2017.

This is an unusual polybag in the sense that it includes two, not one, minifigures.

The first minifigure is Disco Batman. He has a rare golden Batcowl, a dual-sided cape that is shimmery gold on one side and black on the other, and a new printed torso. He also has two golden rollerskates for partying, but his legs are sadly unprinted. His purple utility belt is only used elsewhere in 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase. The side of his head with the white headband looks okay, but the other side with the black headband looks odd. I wish that the headband was reprinted in gold instead of black.

The other figure is Tears of Batman, which is basically Batman’s clown outfit. Batman’s nemesis, the Joker, is traditionally a clown, so it is strange that Batman would wear a clown outfit. Regardless, he has an exclusive red Batcowl and an exclusive green Batcape. No utility belt for him, and he still has the black headband problem. His head is also common, which is the one with a big smile on one side and a grimace on the other.

30607_alt2To conclude, this is a pretty good polybag. If the figures were polybags by themselves, I would not like them very much. However, this polybag includes two figures, which is quite uncommon! As such, I do like this polybag.

But what about you? Which figure do you prefer? What do you think of the polybag as a whole? Let me know in a comment below! 🙂

VaderFan2187 out! 😀


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